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41.  Analysis of methanogens adsorption and biogas production characteristics from different coal surfaces.LinkIT
Guo H, Dong Z, Liu X, Bai Y, Gao Z, Xia D
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2019

42.  Oil reservoirs, an exceptional habitat for microorganisms.LinkIT
Pannekens M, Kroll L, Müller H, Mbow FT, Meckenstock RU
New biotechnology, 2019

43.  Process performance and microbial community structure in thermophilic trickling biofilter reactors for biogas upgrading.LinkIT
Porté H, Kougias PG, Alfaro N, Treu L, Campanaro S, Angelidaki I
The Science of the total environment, 2019

44.  Methanogenic degradation of branched alkanes in enrichment cultures of production water from a high-temperature petroleum reservoir.LinkIT
Chen J, Liu YF, Zhou L, Mbadinga SM, Yang T, Zhou J, Liu JF, Yang SZ, Gu JD, Mu BZ
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2019

45.  Performance and dynamic characteristics of microbial communities in multi-stage anaerobic reactors treating gibberellin wastewater.LinkIT
Ouyang E, Lu Y, Ouyang J, Wang L, Wang X
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, 2019

46.  Proteomics Analysis of Thermoplasma Quinone Droplets.LinkIT
Nagy I, Sun N, Varga S, Boicu M, Zinzula L, Kukolya J
Proteomics, 2019

47.  Co-existence of multiple bacterivorous clevelandellid ciliate species in hindgut of wood-feeding cockroaches in light of their prokaryotic consortium.LinkIT
V?a?ný P, Érseková E, ?oltys K, Budi? J, Pecina L, Rurik I
Scientific reports, 2018

48.  Bacterial and archaeal community structures in perennial cave ice.LinkIT
Itcus C, Pascu MD, Lavin P, Per?oiu A, Iancu L, Purcarea C
Scientific reports, 2018

49.  The diversity of hydrogen-producing bacteria and methanogens within an in situ coal seam.LinkIT
Su X, Zhao W, Xia D
Biotechnology for biofuels, 2018

50.  Effect of humic substances on rumen fermentation, nutrient digestibility, methane emissions, and rumen microbiota in beef heifers1.LinkIT
Terry SA, Ribeiro GO, Gruninger RJ, Hunerberg M, Ping S, Chaves AV, Burlet J, Beauchemin KA, McAllister TA
Journal of animal science, 2018