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31.  Identifying ecological processes driving vertical and horizontal archaeal community assemblages in a contaminated urban river.LinkIT
Lei M, Li Y, Zhang W, Niu L, Wang L, Zhang H
Chemosphere, 2020

32.  Nitrogen and phosphorus removal performance and bacterial communities in a multi-stage surface flow constructed wetland treating rural domestic sewage.LinkIT
Li X, Li Y, Lv D, Li Y, Wu J
The Science of the total environment, 2020

33.  Why do DIETers like drinking: Metagenomic analysis for methane and energy metabolism during anaerobic digestion with ethanol.LinkIT
Zhao Z, Wang J, Li Y, Zhu T, Yu Q, Wang T, Liang S, Zhang Y
Water research, 2020

34.  Enrichment of specific microbial communities by optimum applied voltages for enhanced methane production by microbial electrosynthesis in anaerobic digestion.LinkIT
Flores-Rodriguez C, Min B
Bioresource technology, 2020

35.  Effects of PVP-coated silver nanoparticles on enzyme activity, bacterial and archaeal community structure and function in a yellow-brown loam soil.LinkIT
Yan C, Huang J, Cao C, Li R, Ma Y, Wang Y
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

36.  A versatile cis-acting element reporter system to study the function, maturation and stability of ribosomal RNA mutants in archaea.LinkIT
Jüttner M, Weiß M, Ostheimer N, Reglin C, Kern M, Knüppel R, Ferreira-Cerca S
Nucleic acids research, 2020

37.  Effects of moisture and carbon/nitrogen ratio on gaseous emissions and maturity during direct composting of cornstalks used for filtration of anaerobically digested manure centrate.LinkIT
Xu Z, Li G, Huda N, Zhang B, Wang M, Luo W
Bioresource technology, 2020

38.  Effects of ornithine ?-ketoglutarate on growth performance and gut microbiota in a chronic oxidative stress pig model induced by d-galactose.LinkIT
Li Y, Wang P, Yin J, Jin S, Su W, Tian J, Li T, Yao K
Food & function, 2020

39.  Multidomain ribosomal protein trees and the planctobacterial origin of neomura (eukaryotes, archaebacteria).LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T, Chao EE
Protoplasma, 2020

40.  Blastocystis Colonization Is Associated with Increased Diversity and Altered Gut Bacterial Communities in Healthy Malian Children.LinkIT
Kodio A, Coulibaly D, Koné AK, Konaté S, Doumbo S, Guindo A, Bittar F, Gouriet F, Raoult D, Thera MA, Ranque S
Microorganisms, 2019