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21.  TiO2 nanoparticles accelerate methanogenesis in mangrove wetlands sediment.LinkIT
Ma W, Li H, Zhang W, Shen C, Wang L, Li Y, Li Q, Wang Y
The Science of the total environment, 2020

22.  Comparative facilitation of activated carbon and goethite on methanogenesis from volatile fatty acids.LinkIT
Xu S, Zhang W, Zuo L, Qiao Z, He P
Bioresource technology, 2020

23.  Temperature regulations impose positive influence on the biomethane potential versus digesting modes treating agricultural residues.LinkIT
Lv Z, Wang J, Chen Z, Chen X, Zhang L, Li C, Chen Z, Zhang J, Wu X, Jia H
Bioresource technology, 2020

24.  Biochemical and phylogenetic characterization of a monomeric isocitrate dehydrogenase from a marine methanogenic archaeon Methanococcoides methylutens.LinkIT
Wang P, Wang Y, Guo X, Huang S, Zhu G
Extremophiles : life under extreme conditions, 2020

25.  Microbial diversity changes and enrichment of potential petroleum hydrocarbon degraders in crude oil-, diesel-, and gasoline-contaminated soil.LinkIT
Bidja Abena MT, Chen G, Chen Z, Zheng X, Li S, Li T, Zhong W
3 Biotech, 2020

26.  Marine bacterial communities in the upper gulf of Thailand assessed by Illumina next-generation sequencing platform.LinkIT
Nimnoi P, Pongsilp N
BMC microbiology, 2020

27.  Characterization of the Rumen Microbiota and Volatile Fatty Acid Profiles of Weaned Goat Kids under Shrub-Grassland Grazing and Indoor Feeding.LinkIT
Guo J, Li P, Liu S, Miao B, Zeng B, Jiang Y, Li L, Wang L, Chen Y, Zhang H
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2020

28.  The absence of intact polar lipid-derived GDGTs in marine waters dominated by Marine Group II: Implications for lipid biosynthesis in Archaea.LinkIT
Besseling MA, Hopmans EC, Bale NJ, Schouten S, Damsté JSS, Villanueva L
Scientific reports, 2020

29.  Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber Regulate Colonic Microbiota and Barrier Function in a Piglet Model.LinkIT
Chen T, Chen D, Tian G, Zheng P, Mao X, Yu J, He J, Huang Z, Luo Y, Luo J, Yu B
BioMed research international, 2019

30.  Ecology and physiology of halophilic microorganisms - Thematic issue based on papers presented at Halophiles 2019 - 12th International Conference on Halophilic Microorganisms, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 24-28 June, 2019.LinkIT
Banciu HL, Enache M, Rodriguez RM, Oren A, Ventosa A
FEMS microbiology letters, 2019