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   Cellular life 
   cellular organisms 

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   Cryptophyta (Cryptophytes) 
   Eukaryota environmental sample 
   Pelobionts entamoebae 
   Rhodophyta (red algae) 
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Common Names: eucaryotes, Eukaryotes

91.  Gephebase, a database of genotype-phenotype relationships for natural and domesticated variation in Eukaryotes.LinkIT
Courtier-Orgogozo V, Arnoult L, Prigent SR, Wiltgen S, Martin A
Nucleic acids research, 2020

92.  Association of the eukaryotic vaginal virome with prophylactic antibiotic exposure and reproductive outcomes in a subfertile population undergoing in vitro fertilisation: a prospective exploratory study.LinkIT
Eskew AM, Stout MJ, Bedrick BS, Riley JK, Omurtag KR, Jimenez PT, Odem RR, Ratts VS, Keller SL, Jungheim ES, Wylie KM
BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology, 2020

93.  The Pathobiome in Animal and Plant Diseases.LinkIT
Bass D, Stentiford GD, Wang HC, Koskella B, Tyler CR
Trends in ecology & evolution, 2019

94.  A day in the life of marine sulfonates.LinkIT
Williams BT, Todd JD
Nature microbiology, 2019

95.  Pervasive convergent evolution and extreme phenotypes define chaperone requirements of protein homeostasis.LinkIT
Draceni Y, Pechmann S
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2019

96.  Machine learning for discovering missing or wrong protein function annotations : A comparison using updated benchmark datasets.LinkIT
Nakano FK, Lietaert M, Vens C
BMC bioinformatics, 2019

97.  Insights from Algae on Engineering High Efficiency Plants: An Interview with Martin Jonikas, PhD.LinkIT
Bai H, Gonzalez IJ
The Yale journal of biology and medicine, 2019

98.  Crenarchaeal 3D Genome: A Prototypical Chromosome Architecture for Eukaryotes.LinkIT
Feng X, Huang Q, She Q
Cell, 2019

99.  In eubacteria, unlike eukaryotes, there is no evidence for selection favouring fail-safe 3' additional stop codons.LinkIT
Ho AT, Hurst LD
PLoS genetics, 2019

100.  Actin' between phase separated domains for heterochromatin repair.LinkIT
Rawal CC, Caridi CP, Chiolo I
DNA repair, 2019