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   Anyperodon leucogrammicus (Choloteachi) 
   Epinephelus corallicola (Coral rock-cod) 
   Epinephelus howlandi (Howland island rock cod) 
   Serranus corallicola 

Broader Terms:
   Epinephelus (groupers) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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Common Names: Mero de coral, Faroa fa'eta, Kulapo, Pugapo, Kerapu belosoh, Hiregurohata, Mérou corail, Coral grouper, Kaltang, Inid, Bato-bato, Lapu-lapu, Bulang, Coral rock-cod, Kakab, Kugtong, Lilug, Maskad, Sigapo, duskyfin grouper, Labungan, Lubo, Kigting, Bantol, Salingukod ....

1.  A monoclonal antibody against Lates calcarifer vitellogenin and a competitive ELISA to evaluate vitellogenin induction after exposure to xenoestrogen.LinkIT
Prasatkaew W, Nanthanawat P, Khongchareonporn N, Kingtong S
Journal of environmental sciences (China), 2019

2.  The complete mitochondrial genome of the Epinephelus corallicola (Perciformes: Serranidae).LinkIT
Zheng L, Xie J, Xie Z, Xiao L, Wang Q, Huang M, Chen H, Li S, Huang Z, Zhang Y, Lin H
Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 2016

3.  Contamination and bioaccumulation of benzotriazole ultraviolet stabilizers in fish from Manila Bay, the Philippines using an ultra-fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.LinkIT
Kim JW, Isobe T, Ramaswamy BR, Chang KH, Amano A, Miller TM, Siringan FP, Tanabe S
Chemosphere, 2011

4.  The 'Pseudorhabdosynochus cupatus group' (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) on Epinephelus fasciatus, E. howlandi, E. rivulatus and E. merra (Perciformes: Serranidae) off New Caledonia, with descriptions of Pseudorhabdosynochus cyathus n. sp. and P. calathus n. sp.LinkIT
Hinsinger DD, Justine JL
Systematic parasitology, 2006

5.  Pseudorhabdosynochus venus n. sp. (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) from Epinephelus howlandi (Perciformes: Serranidae) off New Caledonia.LinkIT
Hinsinger DD, Justine JL
Systematic parasitology, 2006

6.  On the status of the Serranid fish genus Epinephelus: evidence for paraphyly based upon 16S rDNA sequence.LinkIT
Craig MT, Pondella DJ, Franck JP, Hafner JC
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2001