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   Epinephalus tauvina 
   Epinephelus coioides (Orangespotted rockcod) 
   Epinephelus malabaricus (Brown-spotted grouper) 
   Epinephelus tauvina (Grouper) 

Broader Terms:
   Epinephelus (groupers) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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Common Names: Granik panterka, Estuary rock-cod, Ali, Bwaavat pulo, Galiyechosh, Belidra, Spotted grouper, Gatala-tane, Chewa (Ng'ombe), Fûû-n hago, Maleog, Farey, Green grouper, Gatala, Balong, rockcod, Kerapu hitam, Hamoor, Garoupa lutra, Pugapo, Giant grouper, Cod, Hamour, Faketa, Grouper ....

1.  Identification and characterization of l-amino acid oxidase 2 gene in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides).LinkIT
Leu JH, Tsai CH, Yang CH, Chou HY, Wang HC
Developmental and comparative immunology, 2021

2.  Cloning and characterization of rec8 gene in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) and Dmrt1 regulation of rec8 promoter activity.LinkIT
Wang Q, Lin F, He Q, Huang Q, Duan X, Liu X, Xiao S, Yang H, Zhao H
Fish physiology and biochemistry, 2021

3.  The Roles of Epinephelus coioides miR-122 in SGIV Infection and Replication.LinkIT
Sun HY, Su YL, Li PH, He JY, Chen HJ, Wang G, Wang SW, Huang XH, Huang YH, Qin QW
Marine biotechnology (New York, N.Y.), 2021

4.  Serum IgM heavy chain sub-isotypes and light chain variants revealed in giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) via protein A affinity purification, mass spectrometry and genome sequencing.LinkIT
Li A, Thwaite R, Kellie S, Barnes AC
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2021

5.  Optimum protein requirement of juvenile orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides).LinkIT
Yan X, Yang J, Dong X, Tan B, Zhang S, Chi S, QihuiYang, Liu H, Yang Y
Scientific reports, 2021

6.  Grouper Interferon-Induced Transmembrane Protein 1 Inhibits Iridovirus and Nodavirus Replication by Regulating Virus Entry and Host Lipid Metabolism.LinkIT
Zhang Y, Wang L, Zheng J, Huang L, Wang S, Huang X, Qin Q, Huang Y
Frontiers in immunology, 2021

7.  Emerging endocrine disruptors in two edible fish from the Persian Gulf: Occurrence, congener profile, and human health risk assessment.LinkIT
Akhbarizadeh R, Russo G, Rossi S, Golianova K, Moore F, Guida M, De Falco M, Grumetto L
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

8.  Assessment of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship among grouper species Epinephelus spp. from the Saudi waters of the Arabian Gulf.LinkIT
Hassanien HA, Al-Rashada Y
Saudi journal of biological sciences, 2021

9.  Study on Immune Response of Organs of Epinephelus coioides and Carassius auratus After Immersion Vaccination With Inactivated Vibrio harveyi Vaccine.LinkIT
Gong H, Wang Q, Lai Y, Zhao C, Sun C, Chen Z, Tao J, Huang Z
Frontiers in immunology, 2020

10.  The Alteration of Intestinal Microbiota Profile and Immune Response in Epinephelus coioides during Pathogen Infection.LinkIT
Xiao Joe JT, Tseng YC, Wu JL, Lu MW
Life (Basel, Switzerland), 2021