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   Engraulis polynemoides 
   Thryssa baelama (Little priest) 

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71.  Variation in the isotopic composition of striped weakfish Cynoscion guatucupa of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean in response to dietary shifts.LinkIT
Viola MNP, Riccialdelli L, Jaureguizar A, Panarello HO, Cappozzo HL
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2018

72.  Anisakis spp. larvae in different kinds of ready to eat products made of anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) sold in Italian supermarkets.LinkIT
Guardone L, Nucera D, Lodola LB, Tinacci L, Acutis PL, Guidi A, Armani A
International journal of food microbiology, 2018

73.  Phenological and distributional shifts in ichthyoplankton associated with recent warming in the northeast Pacific Ocean.LinkIT
Auth TD, Daly EA, Brodeur RD, Fisher JL
Global change biology, 2018

74.  Characterization of Key Factors of Anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) Meat in the Nanoparticle-Mediated Enhancement of Non-Heme Iron Absorption.LinkIT
Zou Y, Zhao L, Feng G, Miao Y, Wu H, Zeng M
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2017

75.  Anchovy mince (Engraulis ringens) enriched with polyphenol-rich grape pomace dietary fibre: In vitro polyphenols bioaccessibility, antioxidant and physico-chemical properties.LinkIT
Solari-Godiño A, Pérez-Jiménez J, Saura-Calixto F, Borderías AJ, Moreno HM
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2017

76.  An estimate of the percentage of non-predatory dead variability in coastal zooplankton of the southern Humboldt Current System.LinkIT
Krautz MC, Hernández-Miranda E, Veas R, Bocaz P, Riquelme P, Quiñones RA
Marine environmental research, 2017

77.  Microplastics in livers of European anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus, L.).LinkIT
Collard F, Gilbert B, Compère P, Eppe G, Das K, Jauniaux T, Parmentier E
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2017

78.  A vertebrate retina with segregated colour and polarization sensitivity.LinkIT
Novales Flamarique I
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2017

79.  Interaction between rancidity and organoleptic parameters of anchovy marinade (Engraulis encrasicolus L. 1758) include essential oils.LinkIT
Turan H, Kocatepe D, Keskin ?, Altan CO, Köstekli B, Candan C, Ceylan A
Journal of food science and technology, 2017

80.  Odours from marine plastic debris induce food search behaviours in a forage fish.LinkIT
Savoca MS, Tyson CW, McGill M, Slager CJ
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2017