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   Embletonia pulchra 

Broader Terms:
   Nudibranchia (nudibranchs) 
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Embletonia pulchra

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71.  Prokaryotic community composition in alkaline-fermented skate (Raja pulchra).LinkIT
Jang GI, Kim G, Hwang CY, Cho BC
Food microbiology, 2017

72.  Protection from diclofenac-induced liver injury by Yulangsan polysaccharide in a mouse model.LinkIT
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75.  Bioactive benzofuran-chalcanes as potential NQO1 inducers from Millettia pulchra (Benth) kurzvar-laxior (Dunn) Z.Wei.LinkIT
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76.  A Link No Longer Missing: New Evidence for the Cetotheriid Affinities of Caperea.LinkIT
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77.  Characterization, localization and temporal expression of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) in the behaviorally rhythmic peracarid crustaceans, Eurydice pulchra (Leach) and Talitrus saltator (Montagu).LinkIT
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78.  Twelve new species and fifty-three new provincial distribution records of Aleocharinae rove beetles of Saskatchewan, Canada (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae).LinkIT
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80.  A Ploidy Difference Represents an Impassable Barrier for Hybridisation in Animals. Is There an Exception among Botiid Loaches (Teleostei: Botiidae)?LinkIT
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