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   Embletonia pulchra 

Broader Terms:
   Nudibranchia (nudibranchs) 
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Embletonia pulchra

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1.  Niche shifts and environmental non-equilibrium undermine the usefulness of ecological niche models for invasion risk assessments.LinkIT
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2.  Changes in the microbial community of the mottled skate (Beringraja pulchra) during alkaline fermentation.LinkIT
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3.  Modulation of LPS-induced inflammation in RAW264.7 murine cells by novel isoflavonoids from Millettia pulchra.LinkIT
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4.  The millipede family Conotylidae in northwestern North America, with a complete bibliography of the family (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Heterochordeumatidea, Conotyloidea).LinkIT
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5.  Anti-inflammatory activities of isopimara-8(9),15-diene diterpenoids and mode of action of kaempulchraols B-D from Kaempferia pulchra rhizomes.LinkIT
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6.  Mapping Atlantic rainforest degradation and regeneration history with indicator species using convolutional network.LinkIT
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8.  Anti-inflammatory activities of isopimara-8(14),-15-diene diterpenoids and mode of action of kaempulchraols P and Q from Kaempferia pulchra rhizomes.LinkIT
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9.  Low Genetic Diversity Suggests the Recent Introduction of Dogwood Powdery Mildew to North America.LinkIT
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10.  Does the genus Dasymutilla Ashmead occur in South America? The new genus Quwitilla, new combinations, and new distribution records from Neotropical velvet ants (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae).LinkIT
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