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   Elysia chlorotica (emerald elysia) 
   Elysia ornata (ornate elysia) 
   Elysia papillosa (papillose elysia) 
   Elysia picta (painted elysia) 
   Elysia serca (caribbean seagrass elysia) 


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   Elysia abei 
   Elysia amakusana 
   Elysia arena 
   Elysia atroviridis 
   Elysia australis 
   Elysia bangtawaensis 
   Elysia bennettae 
   Elysia canguzua 
   Elysia catulus 
   Elysia cauze 
   Elysia chlorotica (eastern emerald elysia) 
   Elysia clena 
   Elysia cornigera 
   Elysia crispata (lettuce slug) 
   Elysia decorata 
   Elysia diomedea 
   Elysia duis 
   Elysia eugeniae 
   Elysia evelinae 
   Elysia expansa 
   Elysia filicauda 
   Elysia flava 
   Elysia flavipunctata 
   Elysia flavomacula 
   Elysia furvacada 
   Elysia gordanae 
   Elysia grandifolia 
   Elysia halimedae 
   Elysia hedgpethi 
   Elysia hetta 
   Elysia hopei 
   Elysia japonica 
   Elysia leucolegnote 
   Elysia macnaei 
   Elysia maoria 
   Elysia margaritae 
   Elysia minima 
   Elysia nigrocapitata 
   Elysia obtusa 
   Elysia ornata (ornate elysia) 
   Elysia pagenstecheri 
   Elysia papillosa (papillose elysia) 
   Elysia patagonica 
   Elysia patina 
   Elysia picta (painted elysia) 
   Elysia pratensis 
   Elysia pusilla 
   Elysia rufescens 
   Elysia serca (caribbean seagrass elysia) 
   Elysia setoensis 
   Elysia siamensis 
   Elysia subornata 
   Elysia thompsoni 
   Elysia timida 
   Elysia timidus 
   Elysia tomentosa 
   Elysia translucens 
   Elysia trilobata 
   Elysia trisinuata 
   Elysia tuca 
   Elysia verrucosa 
   Elysia viridis 
   Elysia zuleicae 
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Elysia viridis

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Did you mean: Elisa, Elisia, Elissa, Elisya, Elize, Elizia, Ellisa, Ellisia, Ellisius, Ellysia or Elysius?

1.  Photosynthetic sea slugs induce protective changes to the light reactions of the chloroplasts they steal from algae.LinkIT
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2.  Adaptive significance of light and food for a kleptoplastic sea slug: implications for photosynthesis.LinkIT
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3.  Cesarean delivery and infant cortisol regulation.LinkIT
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4.  On the Plakobranchidae (Gastropoda, Sacoglossa) from soft sediment habitats of Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand, with descriptions of two new species.LinkIT
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5.  Bacterial diversity in the clarki ecotype of the photosynthetic sacoglossan, Elysia crispata.LinkIT
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6.  Mexican dancer in Ecuador: molecular confirmation, embryology and planktotrophy in the sea slug Elysia diomedea.LinkIT
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7.  Coping with Starvation: Contrasting Lipidomic Dynamics in the Cells of Two Sacoglossan Sea Slugs Incorporating Stolen Plastids from the Same Macroalga.LinkIT
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8.  Functional kleptoplasts intermediate incorporation of carbon and nitrogen in cells of the Sacoglossa sea slug Elysia viridis.LinkIT
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9.  Analysis of Acrylamide in Dried Blood Spots of Lung Cancer Patients by Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry.LinkIT
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10.  Ps19, a novel chitin binding protein from Pteria sterna capable to mineralize aragonite plates in vitro.LinkIT
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