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Broader Terms:
   Actinopterygii (spiny rayed fishes) 

More Specific:
   Elopidae (ladyfishes) 
   Elops affinis (Pacific ladyfish) 
   Elops hawaiensis (Hawaiian tenpounder) 
   Elops lacerta (banana) 
   Elops machnata (Indo-Pacific tarpon) 
   Elops saurus (silverfish) 
   Elops senegalensis (Baavick) 
   Megalopidae (tarpons) 
   Megalops atlanticus (Tarpon) 
   Megalops cyprinoides (Ox-eye herring) 
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Common Names: tarpons

1.  New records of anisakid nematodes from marine fishes off New Caledonia, with descriptions of five new species of Raphidascaris (Ichthyascaris) (Nematoda, Anisakidae).LinkIT
Moravec F, Justine JL
Parasite (Paris, France), 2020

2.  Range distribution and contributions to taxonomy of Elops smithi (ELOPIFORMES: ELOPIDAE).LinkIT
Sousa RPC, Sodré D, Costa RMD, Vallinoto M, Oliveira EHC, Silva-Oliveira GC, Sampaio I, Guimarães-Costa A
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, 2019

3.  Aporocotylids from batoid and elopomorph fishes from Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, including a new genus and species of blood fluke infecting the Giant shovelnose ray, Glaucostegus typus (Rhinopristiformes: Glaucostegidae).LinkIT
Cutmore SC, Cribb TH, Yong RQ
Parasitology international, 2018

4.  Evolution of the facial musculature in basal ray-finned fishes.LinkIT
Datovo A, Rizzato PP
Frontiers in zoology, 2018

5.  Blood flukes (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) of elopomorphs: emendation of Paracardicoloides, supplemental observations of Paracardicoloides yamagutii, and a new genus and species from ladyfish, Elops saurus, (Elopiformes: Elopidae) in the Gulf of Mexico.LinkIT
Bullard SA
The Journal of parasitology, 2014

6.  Phylogeny of the Elopomorpha (Teleostei): evidence from six nuclear and mitochondrial markers.LinkIT
Chen JN, López JA, Lavoué S, Miya M, Chen WJ
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2014

7.  Mitogenomic evidence for the monophyly of elopomorph fishes (Teleostei) and the evolutionary origin of the leptocephalus larva.LinkIT
Inoue JG, Miya M, Tsukamoto K, Nishida M
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2004

8.  Phylogenetic relationships of elopomorph fishes inferred from mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences.LinkIT
Obermiller LE, Pfeiler E
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2003

9.  Identification, structural analysis and function of hyaluronan in developing fish larvae (leptocephali).LinkIT
Pfeiler E, Toyoda H, Williams MD, Nieman RA
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & molecular biology, 2002

10.  Characterization and distribution of undersulfated chondroitin sulfate and chondroitin in leptocephalous larvae of elopomorph fishes.LinkIT
Pfeiler E
Fish physiology and biochemistry, 1993