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   Callorhinchus milii (Elephant shark) 

   Callorhinchus milii (Elephant fish) 
   Callorhynchus milii 
   Callorhynchus milli 
   Callorhynchus millii 
   Cetorhinus maximus (Basking tresher) 
   Halsydrus maximus 
   Selache maxima 
   Squalus maximus 

Broader Terms:
   Chimaeriformes (chimaeras) 
   Lamniformes (mackerel sharks) 
   Squalus (spurdogs) 
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1.  Endophytic Fungi Assures Tropical Forage Grass Growth by Water Stress Tolerances.LinkIT
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2.  Intramuscular Bleeding Triggered by Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation with Enhanced Fibrinolysis in a Patient with Prostate Cancer: A Case Report.LinkIT
Takada E, Adachi S, Horibe Y, Shimizu M
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3.  Postoperative excessive external femoral rotation in revision total hip arthroplasty is associated with muscle weakness in iliopsoas and gluteus medius and risk for hip dislocation.LinkIT
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4.  Gluteal Activity During Gait in Patients With Chronic Ankle Instability Following Rehabilitation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.LinkIT
DeJong Lempke AF, Koldenhoven RM, Jaffri AH, Hertel J
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5.  [Anatomical basis of gluteus maximus and application as a pedicled cover flap for pelvic tumor resections].LinkIT
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6.  Trunk and lower extremity long-axis rotation exercise improves forward single leg jump landing neuromuscular control.LinkIT
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7.  Dissection of genotype × tissue interactions for immunological factors in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) infected with Vibrio anguillarum.LinkIT
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Fish & shellfish immunology, 2021

8.  Pharmacological properties of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) melanocortin-2 receptor and melancortin-5 receptor: Interaction with MRAP1 and MRAP2.LinkIT
Hoglin BE, Miner M, Dores RM
General and comparative endocrinology, 2021

9.  Hip muscle activity in male football players with hip-related pain; a comparison with asymptomatic controls during walking.LinkIT
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10.  Effects of initial foot position on postural responses to lateral standing surface perturbations in younger and older adults.LinkIT
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