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   Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Conacaste) 
   Loxodonta africana cyclotis 

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   Elephant ear gourami 
   Elephant fish 
   Elephant hawkmoth 
   Elephant herpesvirus 
   Elephant nose 
   Elephant papillomavirus 
   Elephant shark 
   Elephant shrews 
   Elephant snout 
   Elephant trunk 
   Eléphant asie 
   Eléphant inde 
   elephant bush 
   elephant chimaeras 
   elephant creeper 
   elephant ear 
   elephant ear mushroom corals 
   elephant fishes 
   elephant grass 
   elephant lice wart-hog lice 
   elephant louse 
   elephant panicgrass 
   elephant seals 
   elephant tree 
   elephant trunk fish 
   elephant weevil 
   Éléphant mer 
   éléphant africain 
   éléphant afrique 
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1.  Quality of life: modified triple-branched stent graft implantation versus frozen elephant trunk technique.LinkIT
Luo ZR, Tang MR, Li JH, Chen LW, Yan LL
Journal of cardiothoracic surgery, 2021

2.  Density-dependent effects on reproductive output in a capital breeding carnivore, the northern elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris).LinkIT
Holser RR, Crocker DE, Robinson PW, Condit R, Costa DP
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2021

3.  New Middle Eocene proboscidean from Togo illuminates the early evolution of the elephantiform-like dental pattern.LinkIT
Hautier L, Tabuce R, Mourlam MJ, Kassegne KE, Amoudji YZ, Orliac M, Quillévéré F, Charruault AL, Johnson AKC, Guinot G
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2021

4.  Folklore, Animal Self-Medication, and Phytotherapy-Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Some Things True.LinkIT
Huffman MA
Planta medica, 2021

5.  Effect of Pectin/Nanochitosan-Based Coatings and Storage Temperature on Shelf-Life Extension of "Elephant" Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruit.LinkIT
Ngo TMP, Nguyen TH, Dang TMQ, Do TVT, Reungsang A, Chaiwong N, Rachtanapun P
Polymers, 2021

6.  Possible Benefits of Zinc supplement in CVD and COVID-19 Comorbidity.LinkIT
Karim MM, Sultana S, Sultana R, Rahman MT
Journal of infection and public health, 2021

7.  [Early outcome of valve sparing aortic root replacement with partial upper sternotomy].LinkIT
Hou B, Wang D, Wang W, Zhao ZH, Gao W, Li F, Yang GB, Sun XG, Qian XY, Yu CT
Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery], 2021

8.  En Bloc Arch Reconstruction With the Frozen Elephant Trunk Technique for Acute Type a Aortic Dissection.LinkIT
Liu P, Wen B, Liu C, Xu H, Zhao G, Sun F, Zhang H, Yao X
Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine, 2021

9.  Transcriptomic dataset from Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings in response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa mono-rhamnolipids.LinkIT
Monnier N, Sarazin C, Rippa S
Data in brief, 2021

10.  Iconic realism or representational blindness? How young children and adults reason about pictures and objects.LinkIT
Marchak KA, Bayly B, Umscheid V, Gelman SA
Journal of cognition and development : official journal of the Cognitive Development Society, 2020