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Durvilledoris similaris Rudman, 1986 - WoRMS latest additions

1.  First record of the New Guinea flatworm Platydemus manokwari (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae) as an alien species in Hong Kong Island, China.LinkIT
Hu J, Yang M, Ye ER, Ye Y, Niu Y
ZooKeys, 2019

2.  Heterochirality results from reduction of maternal diaph expression in a terrestrial pulmonate snail.LinkIT
Noda T, Satoh N, Asami T
Zoological letters, 2019

3.  A survey of freshwater and terrestrial snails in a predominantly urban municipality of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, with emphasis on human parasites vectors.LinkIT
Tomaz TP, Gentile R, Garcia JS, Teixeira BR, Faro MJ
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo, 2018

4.  A new species of Polyamia DeLong (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae: Deltocephalini) representing the first record of the genus from South America.LinkIT
Duan Y, Dietrich CH
Zootaxa, 2018

5.  Revision of the Neotropical water scavenger beetle genus Quadriops Hansen, 1999 (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Acidocerinae).LinkIT
Girón JC, Short AEZ
ZooKeys, 2017

6.  Biological, biochemical and histological features of Bradybaena similaris (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) infected by Heterorabditis indica (Rhabditida: Heterorhabditidae) strain LPP1.LinkIT
Tunholi VM, Tunholi-Alves VM, Monteiro CO, Silva LCD, Dolinski CM, Castro RN, Bittencourt VREP, Silva JPD, Freire Martins IV
Experimental parasitology, 2017

7.  A new <i>Neotibicen</i> cicada subspecies (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) from the southeastern USA forms hybrid zones with a widespread relative despite a divergent male calling song.LinkIT
Marshall DC, Hill KBR
Zootaxa, 2017

8.  Geographic distribution of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in wild rats (Rattus rattus) and terrestrial snails in Florida, USA.LinkIT
Stockdale Walden HD, Slapcinsky JD, Roff S, Mendieta Calle J, Diaz Goodwin Z, Stern J, Corlett R, Conway J, McIntosh A
PloS one, 2017

9.  Priority and synonymy of some North American cicada genera (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Cicadinae: Cryptotympanini).LinkIT
Sanborn AF, Heath MS
Zootaxa, 2017

10.  Review of the genus <i>Signoretia</i> (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Signoretiinae) of the Oriental region with description of nine new species.LinkIT
Viraktamath CA
Zootaxa, 2016