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   Epinephelus aeneus (Dott tal-faxxi) 
   Epinephelus caninus (Dott iswed) 
   Epinephelus fasciatus (Dott tat-tebgha safra) 
   Polyprion americanus (Dott tal-fond) 

   Epinephalus fasciatus 
   Epinephelus fasciatus (bluetipped rockcod) 
   Epinephelus septemfasciatus (Convict rockcod) 
   Perca fasciata 

Broader Terms:
   Epinephelus (groupers) 
   Perca (yellow perches) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 

More Specific:
   Dott abjad 
   Dott iswed 
   Dott tal-faxxi 
   Dott tal-fond 
   Dott tat-tebgha safra 
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261.  Bacterial diversity and antibiotic resistances of abundant aerobic culturable bacteria in input and output samples of 15 German biogas plants.LinkIT
Schauss T, Wings TK, Brunner JS, Glaeser SP, Dott W, Kämpfer P
Journal of applied microbiology, 2016

262.  Evaluation of the stiffness characteristics of rapid palatal expander screws.LinkIT
Lombardo L, Sacchi E, Larosa M, Mollica F, Mazzanti V, Spedicato GA, Siciliani G
Progress in orthodontics, 2016

263.  Large retrorectal leiomyosarcoma: case report and considerations about a rare and challenging disease.LinkIT
Turati L, Russo AA, Sgroi G
Updates in surgery, 2016

264.  The effects of diode laser on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm and Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide adherent to titanium oxide surface of dental implants. An in vitro study.LinkIT
Giannelli M, Landini G, Materassi F, Chellini F, Antonelli A, Tani A, Zecchi-Orlandini S, Rossolini GM, Bani D
Lasers in medical science, 2016

265.  Obstructive sleep apnoea and bone health.LinkIT
Liguori C, Piccirilli E, Izzi F, Mercuri NB, Tarantino U, Placidi F
The European respiratory journal, 2016

266.  Is distal locking with short intramedullary nails necessary in stable pertrochanteric fractures? A prospective, multicentre, randomised study.LinkIT
Caiaffa V, Vicenti G, Mori C, Panella A, Conserva V, Corina G, Scialpi L, Abate A, Carrozzo M, Petrelli L, Picca G, Aloisi A, Rollo G, Filipponi M, Freda V, Pansini A, Puce A, Solarino G, Moretti B
Injury, 2016

267.  Volar locking plate vs epibloc system for distal radius fractures in the elderly.LinkIT
Solarino G, Vicenti G, Abate A, Carrozzo M, Picca G, Colella A, Moretti B
Injury, 2016

268.  Hybrid external fixation in the treatment of tibial pilon fractures: A retrospective analysis of 162 fractures.LinkIT
Galante VN, Vicenti G, Corina G, Mori C, Abate A, Picca G, Conserva V, Speciale D, Scialpi L, Tartaglia N, Caiaffa V, Moretti B
Injury, 2016

269.  Stereotactic body radiation therapy with hydrogel spacer: a salvage reirradiation strategy for prostate cancer recurrence.LinkIT
Fiorentino A, Giaj Levra N, Mazzola R, Fersino S, Ricchetti F, Ballario R, Ruggieri R, Alongi F
Minerva urologica e nefrologica = The Italian journal of urology and nephrology, 2016

270.  Endocrine Aspects of Environmental "Obesogen" Pollutants.LinkIT
Nappi F, Barrea L, Di Somma C, Savanelli MC, Muscogiuri G, Orio F, Savastano S
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2016