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   Epinephelus aeneus (Dott tal-faxxi) 
   Epinephelus caninus (Dott iswed) 
   Epinephelus fasciatus (Dott tat-tebgha safra) 
   Polyprion americanus (Dott tal-fond) 

   Epinephalus fasciatus 
   Epinephelus fasciatus (Black-tipped rock-cod) 
   Epinephelus septemfasciatus (Convict rockcod) 
   Perca fasciata 

Broader Terms:
   Epinephelus (groupers) 
   Perca (yellow perches) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 

More Specific:
   Dott abjad 
   Dott iswed 
   Dott tal-faxxi 
   Dott tal-fond 
   Dott tat-tebgha safra 
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231.  Norman M. Dott, master of hypothalamic craniopharyngioma surgery: the decisive mentoring of Harvey Cushing and Percival Bailey at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.LinkIT
Prieto R, Pascual JM
Journal of neurosurgery, 2017

232.  Physical activity contradictorily affects bone mineral density in obstructive sleep apnea patients at different ages.LinkIT
Liguori C, Izzi F, Mercuri NB, Tarantino U, Placidi F
Sleep medicine, 2017

233.  The Role of Inhaled Loxapine in the Treatment of Acute Agitation in Patients with Psychiatric Disorders: A Clinical Review.LinkIT
de Berardis D, Fornaro M, Orsolini L, Iasevoli F, Tomasetti C, de Bartolomeis A, Serroni N, Valchera A, Carano A, Vellante F, Marini S, Piersanti M, Perna G, Martinotti G, Di Giannantonio M
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234.  Rhinophyma: "Less is More" and "Old is Gold".LinkIT
Marcasciano M, Vaia N, Ribuffo D, Tarallo M, Ciaschi S
Aesthetic plastic surgery, 2017

235.  Extra-pleuric coaxial system for CT-guided percutaneous fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of small (?20 mm) lung nodules: a novel technique using multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) images.LinkIT
Capasso R, Nizzoli R, Tiseo M, Pedrazzi G, Brunese L, Rotondo A, De Filippo M
Medical oncology (Northwood, London, England), 2017

236.  Treating the Synapse in Major Psychiatric Disorders: The Role of Postsynaptic Density Network in Dopamine-Glutamate Interplay and Psychopharmacologic Drugs Molecular Actions.LinkIT
Tomasetti C, Iasevoli F, Buonaguro EF, De Berardis D, Fornaro M, Fiengo AL, Martinotti G, Orsolini L, Valchera A, Di Giannantonio M, de Bartolomeis A
International journal of molecular sciences, 2017

237.  Correlation Between Timing of Surgery and Outcome in ThoracoLumbar Fractures: Does Early Surgery Influence Neurological Recovery and Functional Restoration? A Multivariate Analysis of Results in Our Experience.LinkIT
Landi A, Marotta N, Ambrosone A, Prizio E, Mancarella C, Gregori F, La Torre G, Santoro A, Delfini R
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238.  Orexin and Alzheimer's Disease.LinkIT
Liguori C
Current topics in behavioral neurosciences, 2017

239.  Vitamin D status of male OSAS patients improved after long-term CPAP treatment mainly in obese subjects.LinkIT
Liguori C, Izzi F, Mercuri NB, Romigi A, Cordella A, Tarantino U, Placidi F
Sleep medicine, 2017

240.  Description of 13 Infants Born During October 2015-January 2016 With Congenital Zika Virus Infection Without Microcephaly at Birth - Brazil.LinkIT
van der Linden V, Pessoa A, Dobyns W, Barkovich AJ, Júnior HV, Filho EL, Ribeiro EM, Leal MC, Coimbra PP, Aragão MF, Verçosa I, Ventura C, Ramos RC, Cruz DD, Cordeiro MT, Mota VM, Dott M, Hillard C, Moore CA
MMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly report, 2016