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   Diomedea nigripes (blackgooney bird) 
   Phoebastria nigripes (Black-footed Albatross) 

Broader Terms:
   Ciconiiformes (totipalmate swimmers) 
   Diomedea (albatrosses) 
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Common Names: gooney bird, クロアシアホウドリ, brown goonybird, Hawaiian black-footed albatross, Black-footed Albatross, Albatros pata negra, brown gooney bird, black gooney, black goonybird, blackgooney bird, Schwarzfußalbatros

1.  Modeling Nonresident Seabird Foraging Distributions to Inform Ocean Zoning in Central California.LinkIT
Studwell AJ, Hines E, Elliott ML, Howar J, Holzman B, Nur N, Jahncke J
PloS one, 2017

2.  In vitro and in silico evaluation of transactivation potencies of avian AHR1 and AHR2 by endogenous ligands: Implications for the physiological role of avian AHR2.LinkIT
Kim IS, Hwang JH, Hirano M, Iwata H, Kim EY
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Toxicology & pharmacology : CBP, 2016

3.  Placing Local Aggregations in a Larger-Scale Context: Hierarchical Modeling of Black-Footed Albatross Dispersion.LinkIT
Michael PE, Jahncke J, Hyrenbach KD
PloS one, 2016

4.  Perfluoroalkyl sulfonates and carboxylic acids in liver, muscle and adipose tissues of black-footed albatross (Phoebastria nigripes) from Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean.LinkIT
Chu S, Wang J, Leong G, Woodward LA, Letcher RJ, Li QX
Chemosphere, 2015

5.  Shadowed by scale: subtle behavioral niche partitioning in two sympatric, tropical breeding albatross species.LinkIT
Conners MG, Hazen EL, Costa DP, Shaffer SA
Movement ecology, 2015

6.  Morphological and genomic comparisons of Hawaiian and Japanese Black-footed Albatrosses (Phoebastria nigripes) using double digest RADseq: implications for conservation.LinkIT
Dierickx EG, Shultz AJ, Sato F, Hiraoka T, Edwards SV
Evolutionary applications, 2015

7.  Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Plasma and Preen Oil of Black-Footed Albatross (Diomedea nigripes) Chicks and Adults on Midway Atoll, North Pacific Ocean.LinkIT
Wang J, Caccamise SA, Woodward LA, Li QX
PloS one, 2015

8.  Unexpected hydrogen isotope variation in oceanic pelagic seabirds.LinkIT
Ostrom PH, Wiley AE, Rossman S, Stricker CA, James HF
Oecologia, 2014

9.  Rape and the prevalence of hybrids in broadly sympatric species: a case study using albatrosses.LinkIT
Rohwer S, Harris RB, Walsh HE
PeerJ, 2014

10.  In vitro transactivation potencies of black-footed albatross (Phoebastria nigripes) AHR1 and AHR2 by dioxins to predict CYP1A expression in the wild population.LinkIT
Mol TL, Kim EY, Ishibashi H, Iwata H
Environmental science & technology, 2012