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Broader Terms:
   Dinophyta (dinoflagellates) 
   Pyrrophycophyta (dinoflagellates) 
   environmental samples 

More Specific:
   Dinophyceae nucleata 
   Unassigned dinophycean 
   environmental samples 
   unidentified symbiotic dinoflagellates 
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Common Names: dinophytes, dinoflagellates

1.  Coral evolutionary responses to microbial symbioses.LinkIT
van Oppen MJH, Medina M
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 2020

2.  Shifts in the protist community associated to an anticyclonic gyre in the Alboran Sea (Mediterranean Sea).LinkIT
García-Gómez C, Yebra L, Cortés D, Sánchez A, Alonso A, Valcárcel-Pérez N, Gómez-Jakobsen F, Herrera I, Johnstone C, Mercado JM
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2020

3.  Shimiella gen. nov. and Shimiella gracilenta sp. nov. (Dinophyceae, Kareniaceae), a kleptoplastidic dinoflagellate from Korean waters and its survival under starvation.LinkIT
Ok JH, Jeong HJ, Lee SY, Park SA, Noh JH
Journal of phycology, 2020

4.  Centers of endemism of freshwater protists deviate from pattern of taxon richness on a continental scale.LinkIT
Olefeld JL, Bock C, Jensen M, Vogt JC, Sieber G, Albach D, Boenigk J
Scientific reports, 2020

5.  Alexandrium pacificum and Alexandrium minutum: Harmful or environmentally friendly?LinkIT
Caruana AMN, Le Gac M, Hervé F, Rovillon GA, Geffroy S, Malo F, Abadie E, Amzil Z
Marine environmental research, 2020

6.  Bacterioplankton assembly and interspecies interactions follow trajectories of Gymnodinium-diatom bloom.LinkIT
Shao Q, Lin Z, Zhou C, Yan X
Marine environmental research, 2020

7.  First detection of pectenotoxin-2 in shellfish associated with an intense spring bloom of Dinophysis acuminata on the central Chilean coast.LinkIT
Díaz PA, Álvarez G, Seguel M, Marín A, Krock B
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

8.  A preliminary study on the allelopathy and toxicity of the dinoflagellate Karlodinium veneficum.LinkIT
Wang R, Wu J, Zhou S, Cao R, Chan LL
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

9.  Ostreopsis lenticularis Y. Fukuyo (Dinophyceae, Gonyaulacales) from the South Atlantic Ocean: morphological and molecular characterization.LinkIT
Borsato GT, Salgueiro F, da Silva CGT, Menezes-Salgueiro AD, Nascimento SM
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

10.  A Mediterranean Alexandrium taylorii (Dinophyceae) Strain Produces Goniodomin A and Lytic Compounds but Not Paralytic Shellfish Toxins.LinkIT
Tillmann U, Krock B, Wietkamp S, Beran A
Toxins, 2020