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   Dendroaspis jamesoni (Jamesons Mamba) 
   Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesoni 

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   Dendroaspis (Mambas) 
   Dendroaspis jamesoni (Jamesons Mamba) 
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1.  Unusual quaternary structure of a homodimeric synergistic-type toxin from mamba snake venom defines its molecular evolution.LinkIT
Aoki-Shioi N, Jobichen C, Sivaraman J, Kini RM
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2.  An ecological analysis of snakes captured by C.J.P. Ionides in eastern Africa in the mid-1900s.LinkIT
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3.  Envenomation by a western green mamba (Dendroaspis viridis) - A report of three episodes in Switzerland.LinkIT
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Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2019

4.  The medical threat of mamba envenoming in sub-Saharan Africa revealed by genus-wide analysis of venom composition, toxicity and antivenomics profiling of available antivenoms.LinkIT
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5.  An efficient analytical platform for on-line microfluidic profiling of neuroactive snake venoms towards nicotinic receptor affinity.LinkIT
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6.  [Preliminary results of an herpetology investigation in sugar cane plantation in Democratic Republic of Congo].LinkIT
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7.  [Drug or plant substances which antagonize venoms or potentiate antivenins].LinkIT
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8.  Putative cardiotoxicity of the venoms of three mamba species.LinkIT
van Aswegen G, van Rooyen JM, Fourie C, Oberholzer G
Wilderness & environmental medicine, 1996

9.  Characterization of the lower-molecular-mass fraction of venoms from Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae and Micrurus fulvius using capillary-electrophoresis electrospray mass spectrometry.LinkIT
Perkins JR, Tomer KB
European journal of biochemistry, 1995

10.  1H-NMR assignments and secondary structure of dendroaspin, an RGD-containing glycoprotein IIb-IIIa (alpha IIb-beta 3) antagonist with a neurotoxin fold.LinkIT
Jaseja M, Lu X, Williams JA, Sutcliffe MJ, Kakkar VV, Parslow RA, Hyde EI
European journal of biochemistry, 1994