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   Consolida ajacis (Annual Delphinium) 
   Delphinium bakeri (Baker's delphinium) 
   Delphinium confertiflorum (Delphinium Confertiflorum) 
   Delphinium elatum (Candle Delphinium) 
   Polychrysia moneta (Ver-gris du delphinium) 

   Delphinium (larkspur) 

Broader Terms:
   Delphinium (larkspur) 
   Ranunculaceae (buttercups) 

More Specific:
   Delphinium abietorum 
   Delphinium aconiti 
   Delphinium aconitifolium 
   Delphinium aconitioides 
   Delphinium aconitoides 
   Delphinium actaea 
   Delphinium acuminatissimum 
   Delphinium acutidentatum 
   Delphinium acutilobum 
   Delphinium addendum 
   Delphinium aemulans 
   Delphinium afghanicum 
   Delphinium aitchisonii 
   Delphinium ajacis 
   Delphinium ajacis alba 
   Delphinium aktoense 
   Delphinium alabamicum (Alabama larkspur) 
   Delphinium alatum 
   Delphinium albescens 
   Delphinium albiflorum 
   Delphinium albo-marginatum 
   Delphinium albocoeruleum 
   Delphinium albocoeruleum albocoeruleum 
   Delphinium albocoeruleum latilobum 
   Delphinium albocoeruleum przewalskii 
   Delphinium albocoeruleum pumilum 
   Delphinium albomarginatum 
   Delphinium alpestre (Colorado larkspur) 
   Delphinium alpinum 
   Delphinium alpinum hebecarpum 
   Delphinium altaicum 
   Delphinium altissimum 
   Delphinium altissimum drepanocentrum 
   Delphinium amabile 
   Delphinium amabile amabile 
   Delphinium amabile apachense 
   Delphinium amabile clarianum 
   Delphinium amabile pallidum 
   Delphinium amabile typicum 
   Delphinium amani 
   Delphinium ambiguum 
   Delphinium americanum 
   Delphinium amoenum 
   Delphinium amplibracteatum 
   Delphinium anatolicum 
   Delphinium andersoni 
   Delphinium andersoni andersoni 
   Delphinium andersoni cognatum 
   Delphinium andersonii (Anderson's larkspur) 
   Delphinium andersonii andersonii (Anderson's larkspur) 
   Delphinium andersonii cognatum 
   Delphinium andersonii scaposum 
   Delphinium andesicola (Chiricahua Mountain larkspur) 
   Delphinium andesicola amplum (Chiricahua Mountain larkspur) 
   Delphinium andesicola andesicola (Chiricahua Mountain larkspur) 
   Delphinium angustipaniculatum 
   Delphinium angustirhombicum 
   Delphinium anomalum 
   Delphinium anthora 
   Delphinium anthoroideum 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium anthriscifolium 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium calleryi 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium latilobulatum 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium majus 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium ramosum 
   Delphinium anthriscifolium savatieri 
   Delphinium antoninum (Tracy's larkspur) 
   Delphinium antonium 
   Delphinium apachense 
   Delphinium apachense pallidum 
   Delphinium apetalum 
   Delphinium apiculatum 
   Delphinium apolanum 
   Delphinium aquilegifolium 
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Delphinium wootonii

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Common Names: riddarsporre, larkspur

1.  Alkaloids of Delphinium grandiflorum and their implication to H2O2-induced cardiomyocytes injury.LinkIT
Wang Y, Sun D, Chen Y, Xu J, Xu Y, Yue X, Jia J, Li H, Chen L
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 2021

2.  Antifungal Activity of New Diterpenoid Alkaloids Isolated by Different Chromatographic Methods from Delphinium peregrinum L. var. eriocarpum Boiss.LinkIT
Alhilal M, Sulaiman YAM, Alhilal S, Gomha SM, Ouf SA
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

3.  Analysis of codon usage patterns of the chloroplast genome in Delphinium grandiflorum L. reveals a preference for AT-ending codons as a result of major selection constraints.LinkIT
Duan H, Zhang Q, Wang C, Li F, Tian F, Lu Y, Hu Y, Yang H, Cui G
PeerJ, 2021

4.  Synthesis of Three-Dimensionally Fascinating Diterpenoid Alkaloids and Related Diterpenes.LinkIT
Liu XY, Wang FP, Qin Y
Accounts of chemical research, 2021

5.  Phytochemical analysis and reappraisal of diuretic activity of Delphinium brunonianum Royle and its mode of action in experimental rats.LinkIT
Asif H, Alamgeer -, Ahmad MI, Alotaibi NH, Alharbi KS, Bukhari SNA, Saleem H, Locatelli M
Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 2020

6.  Impacts of drought and nitrogen enrichment on leaf nutrient resorption and root nutrient allocation in four Tibetan plant species.LinkIT
Zhao Q, Guo J, Shu M, Wang P, Hu S
The Science of the total environment, 2020

7.  Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of the Musk Larkspur Delphinium brunonianum (Ranunculales: Ranunculaceae).LinkIT
Li Q, Guo X, Yuan F, Nima C, Dongzhi D, Duojie, Li X
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2020

8.  Assessment of violet-blue color formation in Phalaenopsis orchids.LinkIT
Liang CY, Rengasamy KP, Huang LM, Hsu CC, Jeng MF, Chen WH, Chen HH
BMC plant biology, 2020

9.  Male and female meiosis evince differential patterns in chiasma formation: a case study of ornamental plant, Delphinium ajacis L.LinkIT
Koul KK, Nagpal R, Nain K
Journal of genetics, 2020

10.  Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of Delphinium grandiflorum L.LinkIT
Duan H, Lu Y, Duan X, Zhou X, Wang C, Tian F, Wang X, Yang H, Cui G
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2019