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   Cystoseira gibraltarica 
   Cystoseira mauritanica 

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61.  Upgrading the antioxidant properties of fucoidan and alginate from Cystoseira trinodis by fungal fermentation or enzymatic pretreatment of the seaweed biomass.LinkIT
Hifney AF, Fawzy MA, Abdel-Gawad KM, Gomaa M
Food chemistry, 2018

62.  Antioxidant, antibacterial and in vivo wound healing properties of laminaran purified from Cystoseira barbata seaweed.LinkIT
Sellimi S, Maalej H, Rekik DM, Benslima A, Ksouda G, Hamdi M, Sahnoun Z, Li S, Nasri M, Hajji M
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2018

63.  Structural characterization and antioxidant activity of water-soluble polysaccharides from the Tunisian brown seaweed Cystoseira compressa.LinkIT
Hentati F, Delattre C, Ursu AV, Desbrières J, Le Cerf D, Gardarin C, Abdelkafi S, Michaud P, Pierre G
Carbohydrate polymers, 2018

64.  Ecological feedback mechanisms and variable disturbance regimes: the uncertain future of Mediterranean macroalgal forests.LinkIT
Maggi E, Puccinelli E, Benedetti-Cecchi L
Marine environmental research, 2018

65.  Marine forests of the Mediterranean-Atlantic Cystoseira tamariscifolia complex show a southern Iberian genetic hotspot and no reproductive isolation in parapatry.LinkIT
Bermejo R, Chefaoui RM, Engelen AH, Buonomo R, Neiva J, Ferreira-Costa J, Pearson GA, Marbà N, Duarte CM, Airoldi L, Hernández I, Guiry MD, Serrão EA
Scientific reports, 2018

66.  Predicted extinction of unique genetic diversity in marine forests of Cystoseira spp.LinkIT
Buonomo R, Chefaoui RM, Lacida RB, Engelen AH, Serrão EA, Airoldi L
Marine environmental research, 2018

67.  Reduction of herbivorous fish pressure can facilitate focal algal species forestation on artificial structures.LinkIT
Gianni F, Bartolini F, Airoldi L, Mangialajo L
Marine environmental research, 2018

68.  Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) as an Innovative Green Technology for the Effective Enrichment of Galician Algae Extracts with High Quality Fatty Acids and Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties.LinkIT
Otero P, Quintana SE, Reglero G, Fornari T, García-Risco MR
Marine drugs, 2018

69.  Light-induced dynamic structural color by intracellular 3D photonic crystals in brown algae.LinkIT
Lopez-Garcia M, Masters N, O'Brien HE, Lennon J, Atkinson G, Cryan MJ, Oulton R, Whitney HM
Science advances, 2018

70.  A natural macroalgae consortium for biosorption of copper from aqueous solution: Optimization, modeling and design studies.LinkIT
Deniz F, Ersanli ET
International journal of phytoremediation, 2018