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   Cystoseira gibraltarica 
   Cystoseira mauritanica 

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21.  Effect of sampling time on the heavy metal concentrations of brown algae: A bioindicator study on the Arabian Gulf coast.LinkIT
Al-Homaidan AA, Al-Ghanayem AA, Al-Qahtani HS, Al-Abbad AF, Alabdullatif JA, Alwakeel SS, Ameen F
Chemosphere, 2021

22.  Heatwaves during low tide are critical for the physiological performance of intertidal macroalgae under global warming scenarios.LinkIT
Román M, Román S, Vázquez E, Troncoso J, Olabarria C
Scientific reports, 2020

23.  Untargeted Analysis for Mycosporines and Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids by Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC)-Electrospray Orbitrap MS2/MS3.LinkIT
Parailloux M, Godin S, Fernandes SCM, Lobinski R
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

24.  Impairment of microbial and meiofaunal ecosystem functions linked to algal forest loss.LinkIT
Bianchelli S, Danovaro R
Scientific reports, 2020

25.  ?15N in deployed macroalgae as a tool to monitor nutrient input driven by tourism activities in Mediterranean islands.LinkIT
Signa G, Andolina C, Tomasello A, Mazzola A, Vizzini S
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

26.  Isolation and FTIR-ATR and 1H NMR Characterization of Alginates from the Main Alginophyte Species of the Atlantic Coast of Morocco.LinkIT
Belattmania Z, Kaidi S, El Atouani S, Katif C, Bentiss F, Jama C, Reani A, Sabour B, Vasconcelos V
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

27.  Characteristics of Polyphenolic Content in Brown Algae of the Pacific Coast of Russia.LinkIT
Aminina NM, Karaulova EP, Vishnevskaya TI, Yakush EV, Kim YK, Nam KH, Son KT
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

28.  Seaweed Essential Oils as a New Source of Bioactive Compounds for Cyanobacteria Growth Control: Innovative Ecological Biocontrol Approach.LinkIT
El Amrani Zerrifi S, El Khalloufi F, Mugani R, El Mahdi R, Kasrati A, Soulaimani B, Barros L, Ferreira ICFR, Amaral JS, Finimundy TC, Abbad A, Oudra B, Campos A, Vasconcelos V
Toxins, 2020

29.  Cartography of littoral rocky-shore communities to assess the ecological status of water bodies through the application of CARLIT method in Algeria (South-Western Mediterranean Sea).LinkIT
Bahbah L, Bensari B, Chabane K, Torras X, Ballesteros E, Seridi H
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

30.  Macroalgae of Izmir Gulf: Cystoseira barbata, Cystoseira compressa and Cystoseira crinita species have high ?-glucosidase and Moderate Pancreatic Lipase Inhibition Activities.LinkIT
Çelenk FG, Sukatar A
Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research : IJPR, 2020