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   Cystoseira gibraltarica 
   Cystoseira mauritanica 

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171.  Long-term decline of the populations of Fucales (Cystoseira spp. and Sargassum spp.) in the Albères coast (France, North-western Mediterranean).LinkIT
Thibaut T, Pinedo S, Torras X, Ballesteros E
Marine pollution bulletin, 2005

172.  Removal of inorganic mercury from aqueous solutions by biomass of the marine macroalga Cystoseira baccata.LinkIT
Herrero R, Lodeiro P, Rey-Castro C, Vilariño T, Sastre de Vicente ME
Water research, 2005

173.  Conservation of Mediterranean seascapes: analyses of existing protection schemes.LinkIT
Fraschetti S, Terlizzi A, Bussotti S, Guarnieri G, D'Ambrosio P, Boero F
Marine environmental research, 2005

174.  Effects of an alleged myostatin-binding supplement and heavy resistance training on serum myostatin, muscle strength and mass, and body composition.LinkIT
Willoughby DS
International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism, 2004

175.  Novel meroditerpenes from the brown alga Cystoseira sp.LinkIT
Navarro G, Fernández JJ, Norte M
Journal of natural products, 2004

176.  Acid-base properties of brown seaweed biomass considered as a Donnan gel. A model reflecting electrostatic effects and chemical heterogeneity.LinkIT
Rey-Castro C, Lodeiro P, Herrero R, Sastre de Vicente ME
Environmental science & technology, 2003

177.  Characterization of the alginates from algae harvested at the Egyptian Red Sea coast.LinkIT
Larsen B, Salem DM, Sallam MA, Mishrikey MM, Beltagy AI
Carbohydrate research, 2003

178.  Heavy metal monitoring of marine algae from the Turkish Coast of the Black Sea, 1998-2000.LinkIT
Topcuo?lu S, Güven KC, Balkis N, Kirba?o?lu C
Chemosphere, 2003

179.  Antioxidative meroterpenoids from the brown alga Cystoseira crinita.LinkIT
Fisch KM, Böhm V, Wright AD, König GM
Journal of natural products, 2003

180.  Sulfated polysaccharides of brown seaweed Cystoseira canariensis bind to serum myostatin protein.LinkIT
Ramazanov Z, Jimenez del Rio M, Ziegenfuss T
Acta physiologica et pharmacologica Bulgarica, 2003