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   Cystoseira gibraltarica 
   Cystoseira mauritanica 

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141.  Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities with acute toxicity, cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of Cystoseira compressa (Esper) Gerloff & Nizamuddin from the coast of Urla (Izmir, Turkey).LinkIT
Güner A, Köksal Ç, Erel ?B, Kayalar H, Nalbantsoy A, Sukatar A, Karabay Yava?o?lu NÜ
Cytotechnology, 2015

142.  Effects of ocean acidification and diet on thickness and carbonate elemental composition of the test of juvenile sea urchins.LinkIT
Asnaghi V, Mangialajo L, Gattuso JP, Francour P, Privitera D, Chiantore M
Marine environmental research, 2014

143.  LC-ICP-MS analysis of arsenic compounds in dominant seaweeds from the Thermaikos Gulf (Northern Aegean Sea, Greece).LinkIT
Pell A, Kokkinis G, Malea P, Pergantis SA, Rubio R, López-Sánchez JF
Chemosphere, 2013

144.  Assessment of dual life stage antiplasmodial activity of british seaweeds.LinkIT
Spavieri J, Allmendinger A, Kaiser M, Itoe MA, Blunden G, Mota MM, Tasdemir D
Marine drugs, 2013

145.  Secondary radioactive contamination of the Black Sea after Chernobyl accident: recent levels, pathways and trends.LinkIT
Gulin SB, Mirzoyeva NY, Egorov VN, Polikarpov GG, Sidorov IG, Proskurnin VY
Journal of environmental radioactivity, 2013

146.  Antifungal activity of phlorotannins against dermatophytes and yeasts: approaches to the mechanism of action and influence on Candida albicans virulence factor.LinkIT
Lopes G, Pinto E, Andrade PB, Valentão P
PloS one, 2013

147.  Biological activity and chemical constituents of red and brown algae from the persian gulf.LinkIT
Jassbi AR, Mohabati M, Eslami S, Sohrabipour J, Miri R
Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research : IJPR, 2013

148.  Di- and sesquiterpenoids from Cystoseira genus: structure, intra-molecular transformations and biological activity.LinkIT
Gouveia V, Seca AM, Barreto MC, Pinto DC
Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry, 2013

149.  Cascading effects of ocean acidification in a rocky subtidal community.LinkIT
Asnaghi V, Chiantore M, Mangialajo L, Gazeau F, Francour P, Alliouane S, Gattuso JP
PloS one, 2013

150.  Screening for antimalarial and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities of some Iranian seaweeds.LinkIT
Ghannadi A, Plubrukarn A, Zandi K, Sartavi K, Yegdaneh A
Research in pharmaceutical sciences, 2013