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   Cystoseira gibraltarica 
   Cystoseira mauritanica 

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121.  Levels, spatial variation and compartmentalization of trace elements in brown algae Cystoseira from marine protected areas of Crimea (Black Sea).LinkIT
Kravtsova AV, Milchakova NA, Frontasyeva MV
Marine pollution bulletin, 2015

122.  Cystophloroketals A-E, Unusual Phloroglucinol-Meroterpenoid Hybrids from the Brown Alga Cystoseira tamariscifolia.LinkIT
El Hattab M, Genta-Jouve G, Bouzidi N, Ortalo-Magné A, Hellio C, Maréchal JP, Piovetti L, Thomas OP, Culioli G
Journal of natural products, 2015

123.  Screening of antimicrobial activity of macroalgae extracts from the Moroccan Atlantic coast.LinkIT
El Wahidi M, El Amraoui B, El Amraoui M, Bamhaoud T
Annales pharmaceutiques francaises, 2015

124.  NMR use to quantify phlorotannins: the case of Cystoseira tamariscifolia, a phloroglucinol-producing brown macroalga in Brittany (France).LinkIT
Jégou C, Kervarec N, Cérantola S, Bihannic I, Stiger-Pouvreau V
Talanta, 2015

125.  Management of local stressors can improve the resilience of marine canopy algae to global stressors.LinkIT
Strain EM, van Belzen J, van Dalen J, Bouma TJ, Airoldi L
PloS one, 2015

126.  Profiling of the molecular weight and structural isomer abundance of macroalgae-derived phlorotannins.LinkIT
Heffernan N, Brunton NP, FitzGerald RJ, Smyth TJ
Marine drugs, 2015

127.  Physico-chemical characterization and pharmacological evaluation of sulfated polysaccharides from three species of Mediterranean brown algae of the genus Cystoseira.LinkIT
Hadj Ammar H, Lajili S, Ben Said R, Le Cerf D, Bouraoui A, Majdoub H
Daru : journal of Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2015

128.  Structural, physicochemical and antioxidant properties of sodium alginate isolated from a Tunisian brown seaweed.LinkIT
Sellimi S, Younes I, Ayed HB, Maalej H, Montero V, Rinaudo M, Dahia M, Mechichi T, Hajji M, Nasri M
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2015

129.  Extraction, Purification, and NMR Analysis of Terpenes from Brown Algae.LinkIT
Gaysinski M, Ortalo-Magné A, Thomas OP, Culioli G
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2015

130.  Fatty acid profile of different species of algae of the Cystoseira genus: a nutraceutical perspective.LinkIT
Vizetto-Duarte C, Pereira H, Bruno de Sousa C, Pilar Rauter A, Albericio F, Custódio L, Barreira L, Varela J
Natural product research, 2015