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   Cryptophyta (Cryptophytes) 

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Common Names: Cryptomonads

71.  Effects of the triazine herbicide, simetryn, on freshwater plankton communities in experimental ponds.LinkIT
Kasai F, Hanazato T
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 1995

72.  Neural network analysis of flow cytometric data for 40 marine phytoplankton species.LinkIT
Boddy L, Morris CW, Wilkins MF, Tarran GA, Burkill PH
Cytometry, 1994

73.  Evolutionary analysis of the plastid-encoded gene for the alpha subunit of the DNA-dependent RNA polymerase of Pyrenomonas salina (Cryptophyceae).LinkIT
Maerz M, Rensing S, Igloi GL, Maier UG
Current genetics, 1992

74.  Plastid DNA from Pyrenomonas salina (Cryptophyceae): physical map, genes, and evolutionary implications.LinkIT
Maerz M, Wolters J, Hofmann CJ, Sitte P, Maier UG
Current genetics, 1992

75.  A genomic clone encoding a cryptophyte phycoerythrin alpha-subunit. Evidence for three alpha-subunits and an N-terminal membrane transit sequence.LinkIT
Jenkins J, Hiller RG, Speirs J, Godovac-Zimmermann J
FEBS letters, 1990

76.  Effects of nitrogen starvation on the function and organization of the photosynthetic membranes in Cryptomonas maculata (Cryptophyceae).LinkIT
Rhiel E, Krupinska K, Wehrmeyer W
Planta, 1986

77.  The distribution of the nucleomorph in the Cryptophyceae.LinkIT
Santore UJ
Cell biology international reports, 1982

78.  Energy transfers from photosystem II to photosystem I in Cryptomonas rufescens (Cryptophyceae).LinkIT
Lichtlé C, Jupin H, Duval JC
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1980

79.  A comparison of the periodic substructure of the trichocysts of the Cryptophyceae and Prasinophyceae.LinkIT
Morrall S, Greenwood AD
Bio Systems, 1980

80.  The route of entry of cytoplasmically synthesized proteins into chloroplasts of algae possessing chloroplast ER.LinkIT
Gibbs SP
Journal of cell science, 1979