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   Cryptophyceae (Cryptomonads) 

   Cryptophyta (Cryptophytes) 

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   Cryptophyta (Cryptophytes) 

More Specific:
   Residual algal 
   environmental samples 
   unidentified cryptomonad 
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1.  Dimorphism in the Antarctic cryptophyte Geminigera cryophila (Cryptophyceae).LinkIT
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2.  Snow and Glacial Algae: A Review1.LinkIT
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5.  Nuclear genome sequence of the plastid-lacking cryptomonad Goniomonas avonlea provides insights into the evolution of secondary plastids.LinkIT
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6.  Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Spliced Leader Trans-Splicing in Cryptomonads.LinkIT
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8.  A New Heterotrophic Cryptomonad: Hemiarma marina n. g., n. sp.LinkIT
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9.  Phenology of cryptomonads and the CRY1 lineage in a coastal brackish lagoon (Vistula Lagoon, Baltic Sea).LinkIT
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