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Common Names: Cryptomonads

1.  Community Compositions of Phytoplankton and Eukaryotes during the Mixing Periods of a Drinking Water Reservoir: Dynamics and Interactions.LinkIT
Yan M, Chen S, Huang T, Li B, Li N, Liu K, Zong R, Miao Y, Huang X
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2020

2.  Comparative Plastid Genomics of Cryptomonas Species Reveals Fine-Scale Genomic Responses to Loss of Photosynthesis.LinkIT
Tanifuji G, Kamikawa R, Moore CE, Mills T, Onodera NT, Kashiyama Y, Archibald JM, Inagaki Y, Hashimoto T
Genome biology and evolution, 2020

3.  Polymetallic nodules, sediments, and deep waters in the equatorial North Pacific exhibit highly diverse and distinct bacterial, archaeal, and microeukaryotic communities.LinkIT
Shulse CN, Maillot B, Smith CR, Church MJ
MicrobiologyOpen, 2017

4.  Seasonal and geographical distribution of near-surface small photosynthetic eukaryotes in the western North Pacific determined by pyrosequencing of 18S rDNA.LinkIT
Kataoka T, Yamaguchi H, Sato M, Watanabe T, Taniuchi Y, Kuwata A, Kawachi M
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2017

5.  Rapid Identification and Quantification of Aureococcus anophagefferens by qPCR Method (Taqman) in the Qinhuangdao Coastal Area: A Region for Recurrent Brown Tide Breakout in China.LinkIT
Wang LP, Lei K
Indian journal of microbiology, 2016

6.  Phenology of cryptomonads and the CRY1 lineage in a coastal brackish lagoon (Vistula Lagoon, Baltic Sea).LinkIT
Piwosz K, Kownacka J, Ameryk A, Zalewski M, Pernthaler J
Journal of phycology, 2016

7.  High protists diversity in the plankton of sulfurous lakes and lagoons examined by 18s rRNA gene sequence analyses.LinkIT
Triadó-Margarit X, Casamayor EO
Environmental microbiology reports, 2015

8.  Marine protist diversity in European coastal waters and sediments as revealed by high-throughput sequencing.LinkIT
Massana R, Gobet A, Audic S, Bass D, Bittner L, Boutte C, Chambouvet A, Christen R, Claverie JM, Decelle J, Dolan JR, Dunthorn M, Edvardsen B, Forn I, Forster D, Guillou L, Jaillon O, Kooistra WH, Logares R, Mahé F, Not F, Ogata H, Pawlowski J, Pernice MC, Probert I, Romac S, Richards T, Santini S, Shalchian-Tabrizi K, Siano R, Simon N, Stoeck T, Vaulot D, Zingone A, de Vargas C
Environmental microbiology, 2015

9.  Rhinomonas nottbecki n. sp. (cryptomonadales) and molecular phylogeny of the family Pyrenomonadaceae.LinkIT
Majaneva M, Remonen I, Rintala JM, Belevich I, Kremp A, Setälä O, Jokitalo E, Blomster J
The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2015

Lane CE, Archibald JM
Journal of phycology, 2008