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   Cocos nucifera (Cot dua) 
   Gymnarchus niloticus (Cot) 

   Gymnarchus niloticus (Aba) 

Broader Terms:
   Osteoglossiformes (Bonytongues) 

More Specific:
   C?t d?a 
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Cocos nucifera
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Did you mean: Coot, Cota, Cotes, Cotor, Cotta, Cottaea, Cotte, Cottea, Cottia or Cottus?

1.  Olfactory training ball improves adherence and olfactory outcomes in post-infectious olfactory dysfunction.LinkIT
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3.  Preoperative Evaluation of the Effects of Sigmoid Sinus Ligation with both Endovascular and Open-Field Occlusion Tests before Removal of Petroclival Tumors.LinkIT
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