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   Holocentridae (soldierfishes) 

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   Corniger spinosus (Red Roman) 
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1.  Genetic Analysis of Invasive Conehead Termites (Blattodea: Termitidae) Reveals a Single Origin for Two Populations in Florida.LinkIT
Thorne BL, Vargo EL, Adams ES, Johnson LNL
Journal of economic entomology, 2019

2.  Species-wide Metabolic Interaction Network for Understanding Natural Lignocellulose Digestion in Termite Gut Microbiota.LinkIT
Kundu P, Manna B, Majumder S, Ghosh A
Scientific reports, 2019

3.  Acute Toxicity and Sub-lethal Effects of the Essential Oil of Aristolochia trilobata and Its Major Constituents on Nasutitermes corniger (Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae).LinkIT
Santos AA, Melo CR, Oliveira BMS, Santana AS, Santos ACC, Sampaio TS, Blank AF, Cristaldo PF, Araújo APA, Bacci L
Neotropical entomology, 2019

4.  Effects of two protease inhibitors from Bauhinia bauhinoides with different specificity towards gut enzymes of Nasutitermes corniger and its survival.LinkIT
Ferreira RS, Brito MV, Napoleão TH, Silva MCC, Paiva PMG, Oliva MLV
Chemosphere, 2019

5.  The effects of Enterolobium contortisiliquum serine protease inhibitor on the survival of the termite Nasutitermes corniger, and its use as affinity adsorbent to purify termite proteases.LinkIT
da Silva Ferreira R, Napoleão TH, Silva-Lucca RA, Silva MCC, Paiva PMG, Oliva MLV
Pest management science, 2019

6.  Molecular evidence that cellulolytic bacterial genus Cohnella is widespread among Neotropical Nasutitermitinae from NE Argentina.LinkIT
Arneodo JD, Etcheverry C, Thebe T, Babalola OO, Godoy MC, Talia P
Revista Argentina de microbiologia, 2020

7.  CgTI, a novel thermostable Kunitz trypsin-inhibitor purified from Cassia grandis seeds: Purification, characterization and termiticidal activity.LinkIT
Brandão-Costa RMP, Araújo VF, Porto ALF
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2018

8.  Binding targets of termiticidal lectins from the bark and leaf of Myracrodruon urundeuva in the gut of Nasutitermes corniger workers.LinkIT
Lima TA, Dornelles LP, Oliveira APS, Guedes CC, Souza SO, Sá RA, Zingali RB, Napoleão TH, Paiva PM
Pest management science, 2018

9.  Ilicicolinic acids and ilicicolinal derivatives from the fungus Neonectria discophora SNB-CN63 isolated from the nest of the termite Nasutitermes corniger found in French Guiana show antimicrobial activity.LinkIT
Sorres J, Sabri A, Brel O, Stien D, Eparvier V
Phytochemistry, 2018

10.  Phylogeography of Nasutitermes corniger (Isoptera: Termitidae) in the Neotropical Region.LinkIT
de Faria Santos A, Fernandes Carrijo T, Marques Cancello E, Coletto Morales-Corrêa E Castro A
BMC evolutionary biology, 2017