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   Coris gaimard (Gaimard's wrasse) 
   Coris gaimardi 
   Coris marquesensis 
   Julis gaimard 

Broader Terms:
   Coris (rainbow wrasses) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 

More Specific:
   Coris gaimard africana (African coris) 
   Coris gaimard gaimard (Yellowtail coris) 
   Coris gaimard speciosa 

External Resources:

Common Names: Bungat, Niréénéfáániyap, Labayan, dahlia, Bankilan, Sugale-tala'ula, Po'ou pataitai, Lubayan, Bayan, Lippfisch, African coris, Clown wrasse, Sugale-mumu, Maringyan, Balaki, Maming, Lükobinãtãt, Buntugon, Isdang bato, Tamago, Hinalea-'aki-lolo, Tsuyubera, Lisheolifaliyap, Yellowtail coris, Yáreperang ....

1.  New host records of three Kudoa spp. (K. yasunagai, K. thalassomi, and K. igami) with notable variation in the number of shell valves and polar capsules in spores.LinkIT
Sakai H, Kawai T, Zhang J, Sato H
Parasitology research, 2019

2.  When endemic coral-reef fish species serve as models: endemic mimicry patterns in the Marquesas Islands.LinkIT
Delrieu-Trottin E, Planes S, Williams JT
Journal of fish biology, 2016

3.  Exophthalmus caused by thyroid tissue in the choroid layer of the eye in Coris gaimard.LinkIT
Schubert G
Wildlife disease, 1969