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   Coriolopsis aethalodes 
   Coriolopsis aneba 
   Coriolopsis aspera 
   Coriolopsis badia 
   Coriolopsis bataanensis 
   Coriolopsis bicolor 
   Coriolopsis biogilva 
   Coriolopsis brunneoleuca 
   Coriolopsis burchelli 
   Coriolopsis burchellii 
   Coriolopsis byrsina 
   Coriolopsis caperata 
   Coriolopsis caperatiformis 
   Coriolopsis cirrifer 
   Coriolopsis cognata 
   Coriolopsis cognatus 
   Coriolopsis copelandi 
   Coriolopsis copelandii 
   Coriolopsis crocata 
   Coriolopsis crocatiformis 
   Coriolopsis daedaloides 
   Coriolopsis dermatodes 
   Coriolopsis discipes 
   Coriolopsis ekunduensis 
   Coriolopsis extenuata 
   Coriolopsis floccosa 
   Coriolopsis fulvocinerea 
   Coriolopsis fumosa 
   Coriolopsis fuscella 
   Coriolopsis gallica 
   Coriolopsis gibberulosa 
   Coriolopsis glabro-rigens 
   Coriolopsis helvola 
   Coriolopsis helvolva 
   Coriolopsis lacunosa 
   Coriolopsis lata 
   Coriolopsis luteo-olivacea 
   Coriolopsis luteola 
   Coriolopsis luzonensis 
   Coriolopsis melleoflava 
   Coriolopsis membranaceus 
   Coriolopsis nigrocinerea 
   Coriolopsis nigrocinereus 
   Coriolopsis occidentalis 
   Coriolopsis phaea 
   Coriolopsis phocina 
   Coriolopsis phocinus 
   Coriolopsis polyzona 
   Coriolopsis proteus 
   Coriolopsis pruinata 
   Coriolopsis retropicta 
   Coriolopsis rigida 
   Coriolopsis salebrosa 
   Coriolopsis sanguinaria 
   Coriolopsis sarcitiformis 
   Coriolopsis semilaccata 
   Coriolopsis serpens 
   Coriolopsis sprucei 
   Coriolopsis strigata 
   Coriolopsis strumosa 
   Coriolopsis strumosa latipora 
   Coriolopsis strumosa strumosa 
   Coriolopsis subcrocata 
   Coriolopsis subglabrescens 
   Coriolopsis substuppeus 
   Coriolopsis taylori 
   Coriolopsis taylorii 
   Coriolopsis telfarii 
   Coriolopsis tisdaleana 
   Coriolopsis trabea 
   Coriolopsis trabea communis 
   Coriolopsis trabea trabea 
   Coriolopsis trogii 
   Coriolopsis tuberculata 
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1.  Influence of saprophytic fungi and inorganic additives on enzyme activities and chemical properties of the biodegradation process of wheat straw for the production of organo-mineral amendments.LinkIT
Medina J, Monreal CM, Orellana L, Calabi-Floody M, González ME, Meier S, Borie F, Cornejo P
Journal of environmental management, 2020

2.  Structural and biochemical insights into an engineered high-redox potential laccase overproduced in Aspergillus.LinkIT
de Salas F, Cañadas R, Santiago G, Virseda-Jerez A, Vind J, Gentili P, Martínez AT, Guallar V, Muñoz IG, Camarero S
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2019

3.  Utilization of oil palm decanter cake for valuable laccase and manganese peroxidase enzyme production from a novel white-rot fungus, Pseudolagarobasidium sp. PP17-33.LinkIT
Thamvithayakorn P, Phosri C, Pisutpaisal N, Krajangsang S, Whalley AJS, Suwannasai N
3 Biotech, 2019

4.  Evaluation of six white-rot fungal pretreatments on corn stover for the production of cellulolytic and ligninolytic enzymes, reducing sugars, and ethanol.LinkIT
Ding C, Wang X, Li M
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2019

5.  White-rot basidiomycetes Junghuhnia nitida and Steccherinum bourdotii: Oxidative potential and laccase properties in comparison with Trametes hirsuta and Coriolopsis caperata.LinkIT
Glazunova OA, Shakhova NV, Psurtseva NV, Moiseenko KV, Kleimenov SY, Fedorova TV
PloS one, 2018

6.  Biofilm formation of filamentous fungi Coriolopsis sp. on simple muslin cloth to enhance removal of triphenylmethane dyes.LinkIT
Munck C, Thierry E, Gräßle S, Chen SH, Ting ASY
Journal of environmental management, 2018

7.  Replacement of oxidizable residues predicted by QM-MM simulation of a fungal laccase generates variants with higher operational stability.LinkIT
Avelar M, Pastor N, Ramirez-Ramirez J, Ayala M
Journal of inorganic biochemistry, 2018

8.  Physiological Peculiarities of Lignin-Modifying Enzyme Production by the White-Rot Basidiomycete Coriolopsis gallica Strain BCC 142.LinkIT
Elisashvili V, Kachlishvili E, Asatiani MD, Darlington R, Kucharzyk KH
Microorganisms, 2017

9.  Recombinant expression of a laccase from Coriolopsis gallica in Pichia pastoris using a modified ?-factor preproleader.LinkIT
Avelar M, Olvera C, Aceves-Zamudio D, Folch JL, Ayala M
Protein expression and purification, 2017

10.  A novel study based on adaptive metal tolerance behavior in fungi and SEM-EDX analysis.LinkIT
Chen SH, Ng SL, Cheow YL, Ting ASY
Journal of hazardous materials, 2017