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   Coprothermobacter platensis 
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1.  Does the gut microbiome partially mediate the impact of air pollutants exposure on liver function? Evidence based on schizophrenia patients.LinkIT
Yi W, Ji Y, Gao H, Pan R, Wei Q, Cheng J, Song J, He Y, Tang C, Liu X, Song S, Su H
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2021

2.  Collinsella ihumii sp. nov., a new anaerobic bacterium isolated from human stool.LinkIT
Ben Khedher M, Diouf FS, Lo CI, Alibar S, Durand G, Raoult D, Fournier PE, Fenollar F
Archives of microbiology, 2021

3.  Gut Microbiota in Patients with Type 1 Narcolepsy.LinkIT
Zhang R, Gao S, Wang S, Zhang J, Bai Y, He S, Zhao P, Zhang H
Nature and science of sleep, 2021

4.  Dark fermentative hydrogen production from hydrolyzed sugar beet pulp improved by nitrogen and phosphorus supplementation.LinkIT
Cieciura-W?och W, Borowski S, Doma?ski J
Bioresource technology, 2021

5.  A metagenomic study of the gut microbiome in PTB'S disease.LinkIT
Ding X, Zhou J, Chai Y, Yan Z, Liu X, Dong Y, Mei X, Jiang Y, Lei H
Microbes and infection, 2021

6.  MSCs Therapy Reverse the Gut Microbiota in Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension Mice.LinkIT
Luo L, Chen Q, Yang L, Zhang Z, Xu J, Gou D
Frontiers in physiology, 2021

7.  The Preventive Role of Hydrogen-Rich Water in Thioacetamide-Induced Cholangiofibrosis in Rat Assessed by Automated Histological Classification.LinkIT
Li C, Zhao X, Gu X, Chen Y, Yu G
Frontiers in pharmacology, 2021

8.  Complete Genome Sequence of Atopobiaceae Bacterium Strain P1, Isolated from Mouse Feces.LinkIT
Watanabe Y, Takeuchi N, Yang J, Obana N, Morinaga K, Kusada H, Tamaki H, Fukuda S, Arakawa K
Microbiology resource announcements, 2021

9.  Dynamic Changes in Microbiome Composition Following Mare's Milk Intake for Prevention of Collateral Antibiotic Effect.LinkIT
Kushugulova A, Löber U, Akpanova S, Rysbekov K, Kozhakhmetov S, Khassenbekova Z, Essex M, Nurgozhina A, Nurgaziyev M, Babenko D, Markó L, Forslund SK
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 2021

10.  [Microorganisms in the urethral secretions of chronic prostatitis patients: A genomic analysis].LinkIT
Wu Y, Tan MB, Jiang HY, Lu XD, Li XW, Yang FS
Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology, 2021