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Broader Terms:
   Hemiptera (true bugs) 

More Specific:
   Alydidae (broad-headed bugs) 
   Berytidae (stilt bugs) 
   Coreidae (leaf-footed bugs) 
   Rhopalidae (scentless plant bugs) 
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External Resources:

1.  Morphological types of spermatheca in Coreidae: bearing on intra-familial classification and tribal-groupings (Hemiptera: Heteroptera).LinkIT
Pluot-Sigwalt D, Moulet P
Zootaxa, 2020

2.  Genomic Comparison of Insect Gut Symbionts from Divergent Burkholderia Subclades.LinkIT
Takeshita K, Kikuchi Y
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3.  The Complete Mitogenome of Pyrrhocoris tibialis (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoridae) and Phylogenetic Implications.LinkIT
Zhang QL, Feng RQ, Li M, Guo ZL, Zhang LJ, Luo FZ, Cao Y, Yuan ML
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4.  Burkholderia Gut Symbionts Associated with European and Japanese Populations of the Dock Bug Coreus marginatus (Coreoidea: Coreidae).LinkIT
Ohbayashi T, Itoh H, Lachat J, Kikuchi Y, Mergaert P
Microbes and environments, 2019

5.  Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Dinorhynchus dybowskyi (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Asopinae) and Phylogenetic Analysis of Pentatomomorpha Species.LinkIT
Zhao Q, Wang J, Wang MQ, Cai B, Zhang HF, Wei JF
Journal of insect science (Online), 2018

6.  Biodiversity of Coreoidea and Pentatomidae (Heteroptera) from Atlantic forest protected areas. Insights into their conservation.LinkIT
Dellapé G, Colpo KD, Melo MC, Montemayor SI, Dellapé PM
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, 2018

7.  Species Specificity of Aldehyde and Fatty Acid Profiles of Four Family Group Representatives within the Insect Infraorder Pentatomomorpha (Hemiptera: Heteroptera).LinkIT
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8.  Phylogenetically Diverse Burkholderia Associated with Midgut Crypts of Spurge Bugs, Dicranocephalus spp. (Heteroptera: Stenocephalidae).LinkIT
Kuechler SM, Matsuura Y, Dettner K, Kikuchi Y
Microbes and environments, 2016

9.  The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Corizus tetraspilus (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae) and Phylogenetic Analysis of Pentatomomorpha.LinkIT
Yuan ML, Zhang QL, Guo ZL, Wang J, Shen YY
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10.  Burkholderia of Plant-Beneficial Group are Symbiotically Associated with Bordered Plant Bugs (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoroidea: Largidae).LinkIT
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Microbes and environments, 2015