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   Oncidium carthaginense (Coot Bay dancing-lady orchid) 

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   Oncidium (dancing-lady orchid) 

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11.  Contribution of thrips to seed production in Habenaria radiata, an orchid morphologically adapted to hawkmoths.LinkIT
Shigeta K, Suetsugu K
Journal of plant research, 2020

12.  Fungi isolated from host protocorms accelerate symbiotic seed germination in an endangered orchid species (Dendrobium chrysotoxum) from southern China.LinkIT
Shao SC, Wang QX, Beng KC, Zhao DK, Jacquemyn H
Mycorrhiza, 2020

13.  Naturally potential antiviral agent polysaccharide from Dendrobium nobile Lindl.LinkIT
Li Z, Xiang J, Hu D, Song B
Pesticide biochemistry and physiology, 2020

14.  Australian native flower colours: Does nectar reward drive bee pollinator flower preferences?LinkIT
Shrestha M, Garcia JE, Burd M, Dyer AG
PloS one, 2020

15.  Comparative Trap Catches of Male Bactrocera, Dacus, and Zeugodacus Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) With Four Floral Phenylbutanoid Lures (Anisyl Acetone, Cue-Lure, Raspberry Ketone, and Zingerone) in Queensland, Australia.LinkIT
Royer JE, Tan KH, Mayer DG
Environmental entomology, 2020

16.  Storage of orchid pollinia with varying lipid thermal fingerprints.LinkIT
Custodio CC, Machado-Neto NB, Singer RB, Pritchard HW, Seaton PT, Marks TR
Protoplasma, 2020

17.  Plastid Genome Evolution in the Subtribe Calypsoinae (Epidendroideae, Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Li ZH, Jiang Y, Ma X, Li JW, Yang JB, Wu JY, Jin XH
Genome biology and evolution, 2020

18.  Phytochemical Analysis, Network Pharmacology and in Silico Investigations on Anacamptis pyramidalis Tuber Extracts.LinkIT
Mahomoodally MF, Picot-Allain MCN, Zengin G, Llorent-Martínez EJ, Abdullah HH, Ak G, Senkardes I, Chiavaroli A, Menghini L, Recinella L, Brunetti L, Leone S, Orlando G, Ferrante C
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

19.  A new species and a new record of Liparis sect. Decumbentes (Malaxidinae, Orchidaceae) from Peru.LinkIT
Damián A, Salazar GA, Rimarachín L
PhytoKeys, 2020

20.  Four raised to one equals one: A genetic approach to the Pseudolaelia vellozicola complex does not follow a math rule.LinkIT
Nazareno AG, Neto LM, Buzatti RSO, van den Berg C, Forzza RC
Ecology and evolution, 2020