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Broader Terms:
   Belontiidae (gouramies) 
   Osphronemidae (giant gouramis) 

More Specific:
   Colisa chuna (Honey gourami) 
   Colisa fasciata (Banded gourami) 
   Colisa fasciatus (Stripled gourami) 
   Colisa labiosa (thick-lipped gourami) 
   Colisa labiosus (Thick lipped gourami) 
   Colisa lalia (Dwarf gourami) 
   Colisa lalius 
   Colisa ponticeriana 
   Colisa sota (Honey gourami) 
   Colisa trichopterus trichopterus 
   Colisa unicolor 
   Colisa vulgaris 
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61.  Haematological responses in a fresh water fish to experimental manganese poisoning.LinkIT
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62.  Histochemical mapping of alkaline phosphatase in the digestive system of a few teleost fishes.LinkIT
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63.  Histo-chemical mapping of phosphomonoesterases in the gonads of Notopterus notopterus and Colisa fasciatus during different seasons. Part II. Adenosine triphosphatase and glucose-6-phosphatase.LinkIT
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64.  Social chemosignals in five Belontiidae (Pisces) species.LinkIT
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66.  Haematological effects of nickel toxicity on a fresh water teleost, Colisa fasciatus.LinkIT
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67.  Toxic effects of mammalian prolactin on Colisa lalia and two other related teleostean fish.LinkIT
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68.  Haematological anomalies in a fresh water teleost, Colisa fasciatus, on acute exposure to cobalt.LinkIT
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69.  Chronology of meiosis and spermiogenesis in a fresh-water teleost fish, Colisa fasciata (Bloch and Schneider).LinkIT
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70.  Morphohistological changes in the ovary of Colisa fasciatus.LinkIT
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