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   Hemiptera (true bugs) 
   Homoptera (hoppers) 

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1.  Insights into the phylogeny of Hemiptera from increased mitogenomic taxon sampling.LinkIT
Song N, Zhang H, Zhao T
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2019

2.  Mitochondrial phylogenomics of Hemiptera reveals adaptive innovations driving the diversification of true bugs.LinkIT
Li H, Leavengood JM, Chapman EG, Burkhardt D, Song F, Jiang P, Liu J, Zhou X, Cai W
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2017

3.  Structural plastron in relict Gondwanan moss bugs (Hemiptera: Coleorrhyncha: Peloridiidae) and its possible implications for systematics, biogeography and for the standard definition of plastron.LinkIT
Hartung V, Medebach I, Walheim S
Arthropod structure & development, 2016

4.  The complete mitochondrial genome of Hemiodoecus leai (Hemiptera: Coleorrhyncha: Peloridiidae).LinkIT
Gao J, Liang A
Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 2016

5.  First evidence for (TTAGG)n telomeric sequence and sex chromosome post-reduction in Coleorrhyncha (Insecta, Hemiptera).LinkIT
Kuznetsova VG, Grozeva SM, Hartung V, Anokhin BA
Comparative cytogenetics, 2015

6.  Small but powerful, the primary endosymbiont of moss bugs, Candidatus Evansia muelleri, holds a reduced genome with large biosynthetic capabilities.LinkIT
Santos-Garcia D, Latorre A, Moya A, Gibbs G, Hartung V, Dettner K, Kuechler SM, Silva FJ
Genome biology and evolution, 2014

7.  The cephalic morphology of the Gondwanan key taxon Hackeriella (Coleorrhyncha, Hemiptera).LinkIT
Spangenberg R, Wipfler B, Friedemann K, Pohl H, Weirauch C, Hartung V, Beutel RG
Arthropod structure & development, 2013

8.  Diversity of bacterial endosymbionts and bacteria-host co-evolution in Gondwanan relict moss bugs (Hemiptera: Coleorrhyncha: Peloridiidae).LinkIT
Kuechler SM, Gibbs G, Burckhardt D, Dettner K, Hartung V
Environmental microbiology, 2013

9.  [What gene and chromosomes say about the origin and evolution of insects and other arthropods].LinkIT
Lukhtanov VA, Kuznetsova VG
Genetika, 2010

10.  18S rRNA hyper-elongation and the phylogeny of Euhemiptera (Insecta: Hemiptera).LinkIT
Xie Q, Tian Y, Zheng L, Bu W
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2008