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   Clupea harengus (Atlantic herring) 
   Clupea harengus harengus (Pearl essence) 
   Clupea pallasii pallasii (Oriental herring) 

Broader Terms:
   Clupeiformes (anchovies) 

More Specific:
   Clupea harengus harengus (Mesh herring) 
   Clupea harengus membras (Baltic herring) 
   Clupea harengus suworowi 
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Clupea harengus
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Common Names: Arenque em mostarda, Aringa grassa intera dorata, Lachshering, Aringa fritta marinata, Aringhe dorate, Arenque em salmoira, Arenque em marinada, Atlantisk sild, Herring, Atlanticheskaya sel'd, Fall herring, Arenque gordo preparado, Atlantic herring, Sea herring, Arenque doirado, Aringhe alla bismarck, Haring, An scadán, Aringa grassa preparata, Hareng, Arenque, Allec, Arenque del Atlántico, Gendarme, Baltic herring ....

51.  Bioenergetics of fish spermatozoa with focus on some herring (Clupea harengus) enzymes.LinkIT
Gronczewska J, Nied?wiecka N, Grzyb K, Skorkowski EF
Fish physiology and biochemistry, 2019

52.  Structure of winter groundfish feeding guilds in Pacific herring Clupea pallasii and walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus nursery fjords.LinkIT
Gray BP, Bishop MA, Powers S
Journal of fish biology, 2019

53.  Variation in egg mass within two Atlantic herring Clupea harengus stocks.LinkIT
Óskarsson GJ, Taggart CT, Stephenson RL
Journal of fish biology, 2019

54.  How effective is freezing at killing Anisakis simplex, Pseudoterranova krabbei, and P. decipiens larvae? An experimental evaluation of time-temperature conditions.LinkIT
Podolska M, Pawlikowski B, Nadolna-A?tyn K, Pawlak J, Komar-Szymczak K, Szostakowska B
Parasitology research, 2019

55.  Induction of nuclear abnormalities in herring (Clupea harengus membras), flounder (Platichthys flesus), and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) collected from the southern part of the Gotland Basin-the Baltic Sea (2010-2017).LinkIT
Valskien? R, Bar?ien? J, Butrimavi?ien? L, Pa?usien? J, Grygiel W, Stankevi?i?t? M, Rybakovas A
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2019

56.  Age-Specific Offspring Mortality Economically Tracks Food Abundance in a Piscivorous Seabird.LinkIT
Vedder O, Zhang H, Dänhardt A, Bouwhuis S
The American naturalist, 2019

57.  Sources of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans to Baltic Sea herring.LinkIT
Assefa A, Tysklind M, Bignert A, Josefsson S, Wiberg K
Chemosphere, 2019

58.  Molecular cloning and expression analysis of coagulation factor VIII and plasminogen involved in immune response to GCRV, and immunity activity comparison of grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella with different viral resistance.LinkIT
Wang H, Ding C, Wang J, Zhao X, Jin S, Liang J, Luo H, Li D, Li R, Li Y, Xiao T
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2019

59.  Temporal stability and assignment power of adaptively divergent genomic regions between herring (Clupea harengus) seasonal spawning aggregations.LinkIT
Kerr Q, Fuentes-Pardo AP, Kho J, McDermid JL, Ruzzante DE
Ecology and evolution, 2019

60.  Metabolism of Natural Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid, Tetracosahexaenoic Acid (24:6n-3), in C57BL/KsJ-db/db Mice.LinkIT
Gotoh N, Nagao K, Ishida H, Nakamitsu K, Yoshinaga K, Nagai T, Beppu F, Yoshinaga-Kiriake A, Watanabe H, Yanagita T
Journal of oleo science, 2018