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71.  What's a SNP between friends: The lineage of Clostridioides difficile R20291 can effect research outcomes.LinkIT
Monteford J, Bilverstone TW, Ingle P, Philip S, Kuehne SA, Minton NP
Anaerobe, 2021

72.  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens B10 inhibits aflatoxin B1-induced cecal inflammation in mice by regulating their intestinal flora.LinkIT
Chen J, Lv Z, Cheng Z, Wang T, Li P, Wu A, Nepovimova E, Long M, Wu W, Kuca K
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association, 2021

73.  Genome-centric investigation of anaerobic digestion using sustainable second and third generation substrates.LinkIT
Wirth R, Pap B, Dudits D, Kakuk B, Bagi Z, Shetty P, Kovács KL, Maróti G
Journal of biotechnology, 2021

74.  Shotgun metagenomics assessment of the resistome, mobilome, pathogen dynamics and their ecological control modes in full-scale urban wastewater treatment plants.LinkIT
Karaolia P, Vasileiadis S, G Michael S, G Karpouzas D, Fatta-Kassinos D
Journal of hazardous materials, 2021

75.  Gut Microbiome Structure and Association with Host Factors in a Korean Population.LinkIT
Lim MY, Hong S, Bang SJ, Chung WH, Shin JH, Kim JH, Nam YD
mSystems, 2021

76.  Posttranslational Regulation of Botulinum Neurotoxin Production in Clostridium botulinum Hall A-hyper.LinkIT
Inzalaco HN, Tepp WH, Fredrick C, Bradshaw M, Johnson EA, Pellett S
mSphere, 2021

77.  Cardiolipin-Containing Lipid Membranes Attract the Bacterial Cell Division Protein DivIVA.LinkIT
Labajová N, Baranova N, Jurásek M, Vácha R, Loose M, Barák I
International journal of molecular sciences, 2021

78.  Alteration in Oral Microbiome Among Men Who Have Sex With Men With Acute and Chronic HIV Infection on Antiretroviral Therapy.LinkIT
Li S, Zhu J, Su B, Wei H, Chen F, Liu H, Wei J, Yang X, Zhang Q, Xia W, Wu H, He Q, Zhang T
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 2021

79.  Integration of Complete Plasmids Containing Bont Genes into Chromosomes of Clostridium parabotulinum, Clostridium sporogenes, and Clostridium argentinense.LinkIT
Smith TJ, Tian R, Imanian B, Williamson CHD, Johnson SL, Daligault HE, Schill KM
Toxins, 2021

80.  Analysis of gut microbiota alteration and application as an auxiliary prognostic marker for sepsis in children: a pilot study.LinkIT
Du B, Shen N, Tao Y, Sun S, Zhang F, Ren H, Cao Q, Mo X
Translational pediatrics, 2021