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   Clavaria asterella 
   Clavaria asterellla 
   Ramariopsis asterella 

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11.  A systematic, morphological and ecological overview of the Clavariaceae (Agaricales).LinkIT
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12.  European species of Clavaria (Agaricales, Agaricomycetes) with dark basidiomata - a morphological and molecular study.LinkIT
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13.  Revision of taxonomic concept and systematic position of some Clavariaceae species.LinkIT
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14.  Characterization of a new ?-galactosyl-binding lectin from the mushroom Clavaria purpurea.LinkIT
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18.  Reconstructing the Clavariaceae using nuclear large subunit rDNA sequences and a new genus segregated from Clavaria.LinkIT
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19.  Insulin signaling in adipocytes differentiated from mouse stromal MC3T3-G2/PA6 cells.LinkIT
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20.  New species of Lentaria (Fungi: Aphyllophorales): redescription and mating systems of L. surculus and L. byssiseda.LinkIT
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