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   Cinnamomum aromaticum (cassia) 

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   Cinnamomum (cinnamon) 
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Common Names: kassiakaneli, Chinese cinnamon, Kassia, cassia-bark, cassia, Cinnamon Cassia, kiinankaneli

1.  Novel Polyherbal Nanocolloids to Control Bovine Mastitis.LinkIT
Ranjani S, Priya PS, Veerasami M, Hemalatha S
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 2022

2.  A Traditional Chinese Medicine Plant Extract Prevents Alcohol-Induced Osteopenia.LinkIT
Qian D, Zhou H, Fan P, Yu T, Patel A, O'Brien M, Wang Z, Lu S, Tong G, Shan Y, Wang L, Gao Y, Xiong Y, Zhang L, Wang X, Liu Y, Zhou S
Frontiers in pharmacology, 2021

3.  New combination of drugs to combat Escherichia coli DSM1103 QCDSM by reducing antibiotic ciprofloxacin standard dose using response surface methodology.LinkIT
AlAhadeb JI
Journal of infection and public health, 2021

4.  Study on the experimental verification and regulatory mechanism of Rougui-Ganjiang herb-pair for the actions of thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue based on network pharmacology.LinkIT
Liu X, Gao YP, Shen ZX, Qu YY, Liu WW, Yao D, Xing B, Xu ZH, Li X, Zhao QC
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2021

5.  Cinnamomum cassia and Syzygium aromaticum Essential Oils Reduce the Colonization of Salmonella Typhimurium in an In Vivo Infection Model Using Caenorhabditis elegans.LinkIT
Lang M, Montjarret A, Duteil E, Bedoux G
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

6.  Assessing the efficiency of essential oil and active compounds/poly (lactic acid) microcapsules against common foodborne pathogens.LinkIT
Campini PAL, Oliveira ÉR, Camani PH, Silva CGD, Yudice EDC, Oliveira SA, Rosa DDS
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2021

7.  Antibacterial activity of clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and cinnamon (Cinnamomum burmannii) essential oil against extended-spectrum ?-lactamase-producing bacteria.LinkIT
Ginting EV, Retnaningrum E, Widiasih DA
Veterinary world, 2021

8.  Chemical Composition and Nematicidal Properties of Sixteen Essential Oils-A Review.LinkIT
D'Addabbo T, Avato P
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

9.  The Extracts of Angelica sinensis and Cinnamomum cassia from Oriental Medicinal Foods Regulate Inflammatory and Autophagic Pathways against Neural Injury after Ischemic Stroke.LinkIT
Luo C, Chen Q, Liu B, Wang S, Yu H, Guan X, Zhao Y, Wang Y
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, 2021

10.  Biodistribution of essential oil-conjugated silver nanoparticles.LinkIT
Gherasim O, Grumezescu AM, Mogo?anu GD, Vasile B?, Bejenaru C, Bejenaru LE, Andronescu E, Mogoant? L
Romanian journal of morphology and embryology = Revue roumaine de morphologie et embryologie, 2021