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   Aulacaspis tubercularis (cinnamomum scale) 

   Cinnamomum (cinnamon) 

Broader Terms:
   Cinnamomum (cinnamon) 
   Lauraceae (sassafras) 

More Specific:
   Cinnamomum (cinnamon) 
   Cinnamomum acuminatifolium 
   Cinnamomum acuminatissimum 
   Cinnamomum acutatum 
   Cinnamomum africanum 
   Cinnamomum aggregatum 
   Cinnamomum aggregatum ref 
   Cinnamomum alainii 
   Cinnamomum alatum 
   Cinnamomum albiflorum 
   Cinnamomum albiflorum kwangtungensis 
   Cinnamomum albiflorum tonkinensis 
   Cinnamomum albosericeum 
   Cinnamomum alcinii 
   Cinnamomum alexei 
   Cinnamomum alibertii 
   Cinnamomum alternifolium 
   Cinnamomum altissimum 
   Cinnamomum ammannii 
   Cinnamomum amoenum 
   Cinnamomum amplexicaule 
   Cinnamomum amplifolium 
   Cinnamomum anacardium 
   Cinnamomum andersonii 
   Cinnamomum angustifolium 
   Cinnamomum angustitepalum 
   Cinnamomum antillanum 
   Cinnamomum antillarum 
   Cinnamomum appelianum 
   Cinnamomum appelianum tripartitum 
   Cinnamomum arbusculum 
   Cinnamomum archboldianum 
   Cinnamomum areolato-costae 
   Cinnamomum areolatocostae 
   Cinnamomum areolatum 
   Cinnamomum arfakense 
   Cinnamomum argenteum 
   Cinnamomum aromaticum (cassia) 
   Cinnamomum arsenei 
   Cinnamomum asa-grayi 
   Cinnamomum assamicum 
   Cinnamomum aubletii 
   Cinnamomum aureo-fulvum 
   Cinnamomum australe 
   Cinnamomum austro-sinensis 
   Cinnamomum austro-yunnanense 
   Cinnamomum austrosinense 
   Cinnamomum austroyunnanense 
   Cinnamomum bahianum 
   Cinnamomum bahiense 
   Cinnamomum baileyanum 
   Cinnamomum baillonii 
   Cinnamomum balansae 
   Cinnamomum bamoense 
   Cinnamomum barbato-axillatum 
   Cinnamomum barbeyanum 
   Cinnamomum barlowii 
   Cinnamomum bartheifolium 
   Cinnamomum barthii 
   Cinnamomum bazania 
   Cinnamomum beccarii 
   Cinnamomum bejolghota 
   Cinnamomum bejolghota jarainum 
   Cinnamomum bejolghota pubescens 
   Cinnamomum bengalense 
   Cinnamomum biafranum 
   Cinnamomum bintulense 
   Cinnamomum birmanicum 
   Cinnamomum blumei 
   Cinnamomum bodinieri 
   Cinnamomum bodinieri glabrum 
   Cinnamomum bonii 
   Cinnamomum bonplandii 
   Cinnamomum borneense 
   Cinnamomum bourgeauvianum 
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Cinnamomum burmannii

External Resources:

Common Names: cinnamon

1.  Novel cinnamon-laden nanofibers as a potential antifungal coating for poly(methyl methacrylate) denture base materials.LinkIT
Ribeiro JS, Bordini EAF, Pereira GKR, Polasani RR, Squarize CH, Kantorski KZ, Valandro LF, Bottino MC
Clinical oral investigations, 2022

2.  Genome-wide identification of the Liriodendron chinense WRKY gene family and its diverse roles in response to multiple abiotic stress.LinkIT
Wu W, Zhu S, Xu L, Zhu L, Wang D, Liu Y, Liu S, Hao Z, Lu Y, Yang L, Shi J, Chen J
BMC plant biology, 2022

3.  Effects of preheat treatment and polyphenol grafting on the structural, emulsifying and rheological properties of protein isolate from Cinnamomum camphora seed kernel.LinkIT
Yan X, Zhao J, Zeng Z, Ma M, Xia J, Tian W, Zhang G, Gong X, Gong D, Yu P
Food chemistry, 2022

4.  Highly oxygenated isoryanodane diterpenoids from the leaves of Cinnamomum cassia and their immunomodulatory activities.LinkIT
Zhou L, Zheng G, Li H, Gao B, Guoruoluo Y, Tang W, Yao G, Zhang Y
Phytochemistry, 2022

5.  Accelerative Effect of Cinnamon Nanoparticles as well as HAMLET on Healing of Wounds Infected with MRSA in Diabetic Rats.LinkIT
Ali R, Alireza N, Reza FM, Rahim M
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6.  Biogeochemistry of Dominant Plants and Soils in Shewushan Gold Lateritic Deposit, China.LinkIT
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7.  Suppression of Inflammatory and Fibrotic Signals by Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) and Cinnamaldehyde in Cyclophosphamide-Induced Overactive Bladder in Mice.LinkIT
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10.  Natural Insulin Sensitizers for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus: A Review of Possible Molecular Mechanisms.LinkIT
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Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 2021