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   Trichogaster chuna (Chuna khailsha) 

   Trichogaster chuna (Honey dwarf gourami) 
   Trichopodus chuna 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 

More Specific:
   Chuna khailsha 

Did you mean: Chunia, Chunna, Chunnia or khuun?

1.  Enhancers are activated by p300/CBP activity-dependent PIC assembly, RNAPII recruitment, and pause release.LinkIT
Narita T, Ito S, Higashijima Y, Chu WK, Neumann K, Walter J, Satpathy S, Liebner T, Hamilton WB, Maskey E, Prus G, Shibata M, Iesmantavicius V, Brickman JM, Anastassiadis K, Koseki H, Choudhary C
Molecular cell, 2021

2.  The effectiveness and safety of Chuna manual therapy on scoliosis: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis.LinkIT
Park SH, Sung WS, Lee SH, Lee YJ, Ha IH, Seo BK, Chang GT, Yang HC, Keum DH, Kim EJ
Medicine, 2021

3.  Integrative traditional Korean medicine management, including acupuncture and Chuna-manual therapy, for stroke-related central facial palsy: A study of three case reports.LinkIT
Seo J, Kim E, Leem J, Sul JU
Explore (New York, N.Y.), 2021

4.  The Research Trends of Pharmacopuncture Therapy on Cervical Pain Caused by Traffic Accidents.LinkIT
Kim DY, Hong SH, Han SY, Kim WY, Oh SH, Lee HW, Woo HS
Journal of pharmacopuncture, 2020

5.  Long-Term Follow-Up of Spinal Stenosis Inpatients Treated with Integrative Korean Medicine Treatment.LinkIT
Kim D, Shin JS, Moon YJ, Ryu G, Shin W, Lee J, Lim S, Jeon HA, Seo JY, Wang WH, Lee JH, Park KS, Lee YJ, Ha IH
Journal of clinical medicine, 2020

6.  Assessing health worker competence to deliver a brief psychological treatment for depression: development and validation of a scalable measure.LinkIT
Restivo JL, Mitchell L, Joshi U, Anand A, Gugiu PC, Singla DR, Hollon SD, Patel V, Naslund JA, Cooper Z
Journal of behavioral and cognitive therapy, 2020

7.  Digital Training for Non-Specialist Health Workers to Deliver a Brief Psychological Treatment for Depression in Primary Care in India: Findings from a Randomized Pilot Study.LinkIT
Muke SS, Tugnawat D, Joshi U, Anand A, Khan A, Shrivastava R, Singh A, Restivo JL, Bhan A, Patel V, Naslund JA
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2020

8.  Evaluation of efficacy and safety of single and multiple therapy of herbal medicine/Chuna therapy on non-specific chronic low back pain: A study protocol for multicenter, 3-arm, randomized, single blinded, parallel group, incomplete factorial design, pilot study.LinkIT
Ko Y, Jang BH, Oh MS, Kim SJ, Ko YS, Ha IH, Lee EJ, Kim MR, Song YK, Ko SG
Medicine, 2020

9.  Health service costs and their association with functional impairment among adults receiving integrated mental health care in five low- and middle-income countries: the PRIME cohort study.LinkIT
Chisholm D, Garman E, Breuer E, Fekadu A, Hanlon C, Jordans M, Kathree T, Kigozi F, Luitel N, Medhin G, Murhar V, Petersen I, Rathod SD, Shidhaye R, Ssebunnya J, Patel V, Lund C
Health policy and planning, 2020

10.  The efficacy of manual therapy (Chuna) for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Protocol for a systematic review.LinkIT
Roh JA, Kim KI, Park J, Lee BJ, Jung HJ
Medicine, 2020