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   Adenocystis utricularis 
   Chorda lessonii 

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Adenocystis utricularis

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1.  Bioactivity and composition of lipophilic metabolites extracted from Antarctic macroalgae.LinkIT
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2.  Studies toward the comprehension of fungal-macroalgae interaction in cold marine regions from a biotechnological perspective.LinkIT
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3.  Antarctic intertidal macroalgae under predicted increased temperatures mediated by global climate change: Would they cope?LinkIT
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4.  Cytotoxic Activity of Fatty Acids From Antarctic Macroalgae on the Growth of Human Breast Cancer Cells.LinkIT
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5.  Phylogeny and bioactivity of epiphytic Gram-positive bacteria isolated from three co-occurring antarctic macroalgae.LinkIT
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6.  Amycolatopsis antarctica sp. nov., isolated from the surface of an Antarctic brown macroalga.LinkIT
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7.  Agar-degrading bacteria isolated from Antarctic macroalgae.LinkIT
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8.  Antiretroviral activity of fucoidans extracted from the brown seaweed Adenocystis utricularis.LinkIT
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9.  Baseline concentrations of trace metals in macroalgae from the Strait of Magellan, Chile.LinkIT
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10.  UV effects on photosynthesis and DNA in propagules of three Antarctic seaweeds (Adenocystis utricularis, Monostroma hariotii and Porphyra endiviifolium).LinkIT
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