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   Chondrostoma toxostoma (Southwest European nase) 
   Cyprinus toxostoma 

Broader Terms:
   Cypriniformes (minnows) 

More Specific:
   Chondrostoma toxostoma albicans 
   Chondrostoma toxostoma arrigonis 
   Chondrostoma toxostoma toxostoma 
   Chondrostoma toxostoma turiensis 
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Common Names: Ostroretka jižní, Toxostome, Soiffe, Ostroretka oblohlavá, Sydvesteuropæisk Næsling, Boga-de-boca-curva, Libournette, Blageon, Lasca, Seuffe, Loina, Ancon, Pikkunokkasärki, sofie, Soffie, Madrilla, Coulaud, Swinka podkowoustna, Dard, Strömer, Bassou, Soufie, Savetta, Barroulle, Scobar ....

1.  Microbiota Diversity Within and Between the Tissues of Two Wild Interbreeding Species.LinkIT
Guivier E, Martin JF, Pech N, Ungaro A, Chappaz R, Gilles A
Microbial ecology, 2018

2.  When Anthropogenic River Disturbance Decreases Hybridisation between Non-Native and Endemic Cyprinids and Drives an Ecomorphological Displacement towards Juvenile State in Both Species.LinkIT
Corse E, Pech N, Sinama M, Costedoat C, Chappaz R, Gilles A
PloS one, 2015

3.  Genomic Porosity between Invasive Chondrostoma nasus and Endangered Endemic Parachondrostoma toxostoma (Cyprinidae): The Evolution of MHC IIB Genes.LinkIT
Simková A, Civá?ová K, Gettová L, Gilles A
PloS one, 2013

4.  Non-homogeneous combination of two porous genomes induces complex body shape trajectories in cyprinid hybrids.LinkIT
Sinama M, Gilles A, Costedoat C, Corse E, Olivier JM, Chappaz R, Pech N
Frontiers in zoology, 2013

5.  Does invasive Chondrostoma nasus shift the parasite community structure of endemic Parachondrostoma toxostoma in sympatric zones?LinkIT
Simková A, Navrátilová P, Dávidová M, Ondra?ková M, Sinama M, Chappaz R, Gilles A, Costedoat C
Parasites & vectors, 2012

6.  Biological influences on inter- and intraspecific isotopic variability among paired chondrostome fishes.LinkIT
Durbec M, The BN, Grey J, Harrod C, Stolzenberg N, Chappaz R, Cavalli L
Comptes rendus biologies, 2010

7.  Cross-species amplification of 41 microsatellites in European cyprinids: A tool for evolutionary, population genetics and hybridization studies.LinkIT
Dubut V, Sinama M, Martin JF, Meglécz E, Fernandez J, Chappaz R, Gilles A, Costedoat C
BMC research notes, 2010

8.  A PCR-based method for diet analysis in freshwater organisms using 18S rDNA barcoding on faeces.LinkIT
Corse E, Costedoat C, Chappaz R, Pech N, Martin JF, Gilles A
Molecular ecology resources, 2010

9.  Trade-off between morphological convergence and opportunistic diet behavior in fish hybrid zone.LinkIT
Corse E, Costedoat C, Pech N, Chappaz R, Grey J, Gilles A
Frontiers in zoology, 2009

10.  Novelties in hybrid zones: crossroads between population genomic and ecological approaches.LinkIT
Costedoat C, Pech N, Chappaz R, Gilles A
PloS one, 2007