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   Chlorurus gibbus (Poxella) 
   Chlorurus microrhinos (Gibbus parrotfish) 

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Common Names: Huleyo, O-sha, loro, Kopahopaho, Tonae, Poxella, Nany├┤budai, Aliyakyak, Fugausi, Gamesegul, Blunt-headed parrotfish, Tooleh├╗, Steephead parrotfish, uhu, Laea, Tegatega, Hao, parrotfish, Mulmol, Galo, Te inai, Pacific steephead parrotfish, Heavybeak parrotfish, Perroquet bleu, Rouw ....

1.  Parrotfish Teeth: Stiff Biominerals Whose Microstructure Makes Them Tough and Abrasion-Resistant To Bite Stony Corals.LinkIT
Marcus MA, Amini S, Stifler CA, Sun CY, Tamura N, Bechtel HA, Parkinson DY, Barnard HS, Zhang XXX, Chua JQI, Miserez A, Gilbert PUPA
ACS nano, 2017

2.  Regional endothermy in a coral reef fish?LinkIT
Welsh JQ, Bellwood DR
PloS one, 2012