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   Chelonia virginalis 
   Platyprepia virginalis (Ranchman's Tiger Moth) 

Broader Terms:
   Chelonia (Green Turtles) 
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Platyprepia virginalis
Moth Photographers Group

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Common Names: Ranchman's Tiger Moth

1.  Wet years have more caterpillars: interacting roles of plant litter and predation by ants.LinkIT
Karban R, Grof-Tisza P, Holyoak M
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2.  Predation and associational refuge drive ontogenetic niche shifts in an arctiid caterpillar.LinkIT
Grof-Tisza P, Holyoak M, Antell E, Karban R
Ecology, 2015

3.  The importance of host plant limitation for caterpillars of an arctiid moth (Platyprepia virginalis) varies spatially.LinkIT
Karban R, Grof-Tisza P, Maron JL, Holyoak M
Ecology, 2012

4.  Why do florivores prefer hermaphrodites over females in Nemophila menziesii (Boraginaceae)?LinkIT
McCall AC, Barr CM
Oecologia, 2012

5.  Population dynamics of an Arctiid caterpillar-tachinid parasitoid system using state-space models.LinkIT
Karban R, de Valpine P
The Journal of animal ecology, 2010

6.  Effects of genetic structure of Lupinus arboreus and previous herbivory on Platyprepia virginalis caterpillars.LinkIT
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Oecologia, 1999

7.  Effects of an early-season folivorous moth on the success of a later-season species, mediated by a change in the quality of the shared host, Lupinus arboreus Sims.LinkIT
Harrison S, Karban R
Oecologia, 1986