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Broader Terms:
   Arctiidae (footman moths) 
   Chelonia (Green Turtles) 
   Cheloniidae (marine turtles) 
   Dermochelyidae (leatherback sea turtles) 
   Limacodidae (slug caterpillars) 
   Reptilia (reptiles) 

More Specific:
   Chelonia agassizi 
   Chelonia agassizii (Pacific green turtle) 
   Chelonia agassizzii 
   Chelonia alba 
   Chelonia bicarinata 
   Chelonia caouana 
   Chelonia caretta 
   Chelonia couperi 
   Chelonia depressa 
   Chelonia depressus 
   Chelonia doris 
   Chelonia dubia 
   Chelonia dussumierii 
   Chelonia flavida 
   Chelonia flavidus 
   Chelonia formosa 
   Chelonia imbricata 
   Chelonia japonica 
   Chelonia lachrymata 
   Chelonia lata 
   Chelonia lutaria 
   Chelonia maculosa 
   Chelonia marmorata 
   Chelonia midas 
   Chelonia miranda 
   Chelonia multiscutata 
   Chelonia multisulcata 
   Chelonia mydas (common green sea turtle) 
   Chelonia mydas agassizi 
   Chelonia mydas agassizii 
   Chelonia mydas agassizzi 
   Chelonia mydas caranigra 
   Chelonia mydas carrinegra 
   Chelonia mydas herpesvirus 
   Chelonia mydas japonica 
   Chelonia mydas mydas 
   Chelonia olivacea 
   Chelonia pelasgorum 
   Chelonia pileare 
   Chelonia polyaspis 
   Chelonia proxima 
   Chelonia pseudo-caretta 
   Chelonia pseudo-mydas 
   Chelonia pseudocaretta 
   Chelonia pseudomydas 
   Chelonia radiata 
   Chelonia rubescens amurensis 
   Chelonia rubriceps 
   Chelonia subcarinata 
   Chelonia tenuis 
   Chelonia virgata 
   Chelonia virginalis 
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Did you mean: Chelon, Chelona, Chelone or Chelonus?

Common Names: Green Turtles, зеленые морские черепахи, green sea turtles

1.  Chelonian Sedation and Anesthesia.LinkIT
Scarabelli S, Di Girolamo N
The veterinary clinics of North America. Exotic animal practice, 2022

2.  Plastic ingestion by green turtles (Chelonia mydas) over 33 years along the coast of Texas, USA.LinkIT
Choi DY, Gredzens C, Shaver DJ
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

3.  Persistent organic pollutants and stable isotopes in the liver of Chelonia mydas stranded on the southeastern Brazilian coast.LinkIT
Jarcovis RLM, Taniguchi S, da Silva J, Lourenço RA
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

4.  Characterization of Halogenated Organic Compounds in Pelagic Sharks and Sea Turtles Using a Nontargeted Approach.LinkIT
Renaguli A, Fernando S, Holsen TM, Hopke PK, Adams DH, Balazs GH, Jones TT, Work TM, Lynch JM, Crimmins BS
Environmental science & technology, 2021

5.  Pharmacokinetics of ponazuril after administration of a single oral dose to green turtles (Chelonia mydas).LinkIT
Jacobson ER, Stacy NI, Mader DR, Moretti R, Zirkelbach B, Carlile O, O'Connor CD, Caperton KJ, Maxwell LK
The veterinary quarterly, 2021

6.  Stress response markers in the blood of São Tomé green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) and their relation with accumulated metal levels.LinkIT
Morão IFC, Lemos MFL, Félix R, Vieira S, Barata C, Novais SC
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2021

7.  Two new calcicolous caloplacoid lichens from South Korea, with a taxonomic key to the species of Huriella and Squamulea.LinkIT
Lee BG, Hur JS
MycoKeys, 2021

8.  First Evidence of Chelonid Herpesvirus 5 (ChHV5) Infection in Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) from Sabah, Borneo.LinkIT
Loganathan AL, Palaniappan P, Subbiah VK
Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

9.  Fibropapillomatosis and Chelonid Alphaherpesvirus 5 Infection in Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles (Lepidochelys kempii).LinkIT
Page-Karjian A, Whitmore L, Stacy BA, Perrault JR, Farrell JA, Shaver DJ, Walker JS, Frandsen HR, Rantonen E, Harms CA, Norton TM, Innis C, Yetsko K, Duffy DJ
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2021

10.  Rapid authenticity testing of artificially bred green turtles (Chelonia mydas) using microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA markers.LinkIT
Zhang T, Lin L, Gaillard D, Chen F, Chen H, Li M, Wu S, Wang Z, Shi H
PeerJ, 2021