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   Chelon macrolepis (Big scale liza) 

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Common Names: Kabalu, Avelemeen, Beyah, Ko-bora, Asae, Kiri godeya, KhĂ´lap, Mullet, Araby, Gyalwe, Largescale mullet, Grootskub-harder, Bingyi, Gawafa, Caanood, Asfatiya, Kana rath godeya, Grey mullet, Gutarana, Biah sefeti, banak, Borneo mullet, Anubah, bigscale mullet, Mkizi ....

1.  Gyrodactylus molweni sp. n. (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) from Chelon richardsonii (Smith, 1846) (Mugilidae) from Table Bay, South Africa.LinkIT
Christison KW, Vaughan DB, Shinn AP, Hansen H
International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife, 2021

2.  Larval Gnathostomes and Zoonotic Trematode Metacercariae in Fish from a Local Market in Yangon City, Myanmar.LinkIT
Chai JY, Jung BK, Lee KH, Ryu JY, Kim HS, Hong SJ, Htoon TT, Tin HH, Na BK, Sohn WM
The Korean journal of parasitology, 2020

3.  Zoonotic Trematode Metacercariae in Fish from Yangon, Myanmar and Their Adults Recovered from Experimental Animals.LinkIT
Chai JY, Sohn WM, Na BK, Park JB, Jeoung HG, Hoang EH, Htoon TT, Tin HH
The Korean journal of parasitology, 2017

4.  Stellantchasmus falcatus (Digenea: Heterophyidae) in Cambodia: Discovery of Metacercariae in Mullets and Recovery of Adult Flukes in an Experimental Hamster.LinkIT
Chai JY, Sohn WM, Na BK, Jeoung HG, Sinuon M, Socheat D
The Korean journal of parasitology, 2016

5.  Diversity and composition of estuarine and lagoonal fish assemblages of Socotra Island, Yemen.LinkIT
Lavergne E, Zajonz U, Krupp F, Naseeb F, Aideed MS
Journal of fish biology, 2016

6.  Comparison of genetic characteristics and pathogenicity of Lactococcus garvieae isolated from aquatic animals in Taiwan.LinkIT
Tsai MA, Wang PC, Liaw LL, Yoshida T, Chen SC
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2012