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Common Names: cercomonads

1.  Multigene phylogeny and cell evolution of chromist infrakingdom Rhizaria: contrasting cell organisation of sister phyla Cercozoa and Retaria.LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T, Chao EE, Lewis R
Protoplasma, 2018

2.  Diversity of Cercomonad Species in the Phyllosphere and Rhizosphere of Different Plant Species with a Description of Neocercomonas epiphylla (Cercozoa, Rhizaria) a Leaf-Associated Protist.LinkIT
Flues S, Blokker M, Dumack K, Bonkowski M
The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2018

3.  Phytocercomonas venanatans, a New Species of Cercozoa Associated with Chlorotic Streak of Sugarcane.LinkIT
Ngo CN, Braithwaite KS, Bass D, Young AJ, Croft BJ
Phytopathology, 2018

4.  Protists are an integral part of the Arabidopsis thaliana microbiome.LinkIT
Sapp M, Ploch S, Fiore-Donno AM, Bonkowski M, Rose LE
Environmental microbiology, 2018

5.  Evolutionary Relationship of the Scale-Bearing Kraken (incertae sedis, Monadofilosa, Cercozoa, Rhizaria): Combining Ultrastructure Data and a Two-Gene Phylogeny.LinkIT
Dumack K, Mylnikov AP, Bonkowski M
Protist, 2017

6.  Ultrastructure of Allapsa vibrans and the body plan of Glissomonadida (Cercozoa).LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T, Oates B
Protist, 2012

7.  Paracercomonas kinetid ultrastructure, origins of the body plan of Cercomonadida, and cytoskeleton evolution in Cercozoa.LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T, Karpov SA
Protist, 2012

8.  Phylogeny and classification of Cercomonadida (Protozoa, Cercozoa): Cercomonas, Eocercomonas, Paracercomonas, and Cavernomonas gen. nov.LinkIT
Bass D, Howe AT, Mylnikov AP, Vickerman K, Chao EE, Edwards Smallbone J, Snell J, Cabral C, Cavalier-Smith T
Protist, 2009

9.  Phylogeny, taxonomy, and astounding genetic diversity of glissomonadida ord. nov., the dominant gliding zooflagellates in soil (Protozoa: Cercozoa).LinkIT
Howe AT, Bass D, Vickerman K, Chao EE, Cavalier-Smith T
Protist, 2009

10.  Molecular phylogeny of Cercomonadidae and kinetid patterns of Cercomonas and Eocercomonas gen. nov. (Cercomonadida, Cercozoa).LinkIT
Karpov SA, Bass D, Mylnikov AP, Cavalier-Smith T
Protist, 2006